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فيلم: If Among Us دارای مودهای زیادی بود

Title:If Among Us دارای مودهای زیادی بود Among Us در زندگی واقعی اما با نقش ها و حالت های تصادفی! 😱 دوست دارید کدام مود Mungus را ببینید؟ اپلیکیشن Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase را از اینجا دانلود کنید!! با تشکر از LOL Kids Club در لاس وگاس که به ما اجازه فیلمبرداری در […]

Title:If Among Us دارای مودهای زیادی بود

Among Us در زندگی واقعی اما با نقش ها و حالت های تصادفی! 😱 دوست دارید کدام مود Mungus را ببینید؟ اپلیکیشن Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase را از اینجا دانلود کنید!!

با تشکر از LOL Kids Club در لاس وگاس که به ما اجازه فیلمبرداری در زمین بازی سرپوشیده آنها را داد! تا خودتان از آن بازدید کنید

به آهنگ های ما در Spotify و Apple Music گوش دهید!

اگر به بازی، آقای هیولا، آجیل نوریس یا اسکیت علاقه دارید، باید کانال ما را بررسی کنید! اینستاگرام شیلو:
اینستاگرام ایلیا:
اینستاگرام میکا:
اینستاگرام یهودا:
اینستاگرام دانیل:
اینستاگرام یوشیا:
بلا ساگم:
اینستاگرام بریتنی:
هالی برانت:

اکنون زمان پخش را برای صرفه جویی در زمان پخش پخش کنید!

در اینجا مشترک شوید!

زنگ را بزنید تا هنگام ارسال ویدیوهای جدید مطلع شوید! #amongus #amongusmod #inreallife

قسمتي از متن فيلم: – [Everyone] Where? – Someone wiped all our saved passwords. – I don’t remember any of those. – How am I gonna sign into Netflix now? – Wait, does everybody have a special role? – Yeah. – Man, I thought I was the only one. – Okay. What does everyone’s power do? – Okay, okay, okay. You know what? We’ll figure that out later. More importantly, one of the impostors has a special power that when they throw out a crewmate, they then take that crewmate’s power for themselves. If we don’t vote them out, they’ll become unstoppable. They’re called “The Absorber”. – I say we vote out the blood sucking vampire! – What? – Not you, Britney. – Okay. – We don’t have enough evidence. I say we skip. – [Everyone] Skip! – Mom gave us each a list of tasks to do, all right? – The playground, there are three. – I wanna see you sweat! – And way too many roles. – Move it, ladies! I said move! – What are you doing? (Mary mumbles) you’re welcome – [Micah] I have the best power. – [Hallie] No, I definitely have the best power. – I have the second best power. – [Hallie] No, I have the second best power. – [Judah] Hey Shiloh, what does your mod do? – I’m just a crewmate. How am I supposed to survive against all these mods? – Hey, being a crewmate is great.

You get to vote people out and do tasks. – Even the Space Invader gets their own theme song. – Yeah, you’re right. Your role stinks. – Oh, you’re Eddie from Stranger Things. Where’s your guitar? – How’s it going? – Where did you come from? – My power is I can hide in the shadows throughout the map and do my tasks in the dark. – That is just so sus. – So sus! – Bella! I figured out your power. You’re the mermaid, so you’re so beautiful you distract people from completing their tasks. – That’s not my role power. – What? – Yeah, I have no cool downs so, I can call infinite meetings. – Hm.

– [Mary] Hallie, I think Micah’s the impostor. – No, Mary. Do not use your power. – I’m going in! – No! Mary, I wouldn’t. – Oh. Hey, Mary. – Hm. No. I would’ve done that better. – Why are you not doing tasks? – Oh, you see? Me, a businessman doing business, made the deal so that I only have one task and it is now done. – I have 12 tasks! – Your role really does stink.

– Why am I always blamed for everything? Is it the hair, or I don’t know. – My bad. Walk it off. Okay. You are either the impostor, or you have no idea what personal space is. – It’s the first one. – Gotcha! – [Everyone] Where? – Someone just cut a coffee table in half. – Why would someone even do that? – I have a business proposal. I receive all your votes to throw out Britney. And you receive to watch her get thrown out. – That, that happens automatically if you vote someone out. – Hm. You drive a hard bargain. Does this change your mind?

– This is just a picture of a meme cat. – But did it convince you? – All right, everybody just vote for who you think is sus. 3, 2, 1. Go! Somebody do the math for me. – It’s a tie. – Bummer. – [Hallie] Shiloh. Micah. I have the ability to talk with people who have been thrown out. – Perfect! Let’s go. Wait. Where’s Elijah? – Um, lurking in the shadows. – Is, is that a joke? – That’s literally what he’s doing.

– Oh, that’s actually what he’s doing. Okay. – No, I just don’t like that. Would be a real shame if there were any monsters in there. – [Elijah] Nope. No scary monsters in here. – Where’d they go? – Stand back. I’m gonna use my tomb shout to talk to those who’ve been thrown out. – All right, ghost chat. I hear you. – Wow. This is so cool. So how you’ve been? – We just need to know who the impostor is. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. It’s David. – The robot’s the impostor? This is just like Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase. – Totally! – What? What is that?

– It’s our new phone game, Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase, it has all these new rotating game modes. – Like robots, zombies, pirates. – It’s just so cool. – I mean, we should. – Yeah. Go vote out the impostor. – Uh-huh. – Hey, Marcie. What does your role do?

– Oh, I get to build walls wherever I want. Like this. – Nice. Your task is on this side. – [Marcie] Dang it. – [Marcie] What? It’s you? – Well, that just happened. – [Announcer] A power has been absorbed. – It’s the girl from Fortnite! – Where? – What? – It’s David. He’s the imp. – What? Prove it. – She can’t prove it. You just have to trust us on this one. – Stonks. – We have some really solid evidence. – I was a businessman doing business. – Judah, what are you doing? – It’s free real estate.

– Okay. You’re just making up random business phrases to try and get us to throw out Britney. – Bitcoin. – Fine. My power is to talk to people who are thrown out. I talked to Mary and she said it was David. – [Jade] Works for me. – My scooter, they wouldn’t let me keep it. – David was the impostor! – But not The Absorber. Get your tasks done! – Okay, so Marcie’s already down, so Hallie, you are going to use your power. No! Hallie! It’s the impostor. Get out of there! – [Hallie] Fortnite wall. This was Marcie’s power. – Think she made it? – [Hallie] Shiloh! Micah! The impostor. – [Announcer] A power has been absorbed. – No, I just don’t like that. – [Elijah] What happened? – Garlic, sunlight. – First of all, not a real vampire. Second of all, were you planning on disintegrating me? – No. No. – Would you still like the vacuum for the ashes? – Shh. No, no, no. – Keep an eye out. – Oh, I hate that.

– I used to be better at this. Then I got an arrow to the knee. – That’s nice. – Ah, hello there. Judah, Jade. I think Elijah is the other impostor. – Hm. I don’t know. Sometimes he’s sus and sometimes he’s not, he’s somewhere in between.

– Please. People are either crewmates or impostors, nothing in between. – Only Sith deal in absolutes. – They do. Don’t they? – What does your Sith power do? – It allows me to throw out two crewmates. – Oh, good. You’re finally awake. – [Judah] Go away, go away, go away, go away. – Can I interest you in a loan? – Wait, guys! Bella, what does your power do? – I have no cooldowns, why? – If The Absorber ever got your power that means that they could throw out every single one of us and instantly win. We must protect Bella at all costs. – What about me?

– Oh, yeah. We’ll protect you too. Mostly Bella. – Can I hold the lightsaber before I go? – No. – Aw. – [David] Oh. Why hello, my impostor buddy. – Oh, they’re using my power. – Hey, let me have the phone. I wanna hear who it is. – No, stop. – No, come on. I just wanna see who it is. – Stop. I can’t hear. – I can’t hear when two people are talking. Okay. What you need to know is that there is. – No! We just missed it. – Micah! Your power as Eddie. You can use your guitar and lure everyone to you. – Oh, yeah. – So that the impostor will have to come out of the vent, and we will catch them. – Are you ready for the most metal concert

In the history of the world? – Who’s playing that song? I heard it and I just had to come. – We’re just missing one more. – That is a lovely song. – And Josiah was the impostor! – But still not The Absorber. Everyone who is now thrown out will add to The Absorber’s power. Finish your tasks quickly. – Hey, Shiloh. I think I’m finally gonna make it to the end this time. – Figures. All right, you go fix that point with Bella. Keep her safe. I’m gonna go fix this one over here. – Got it. Don’t try to be a hero or anything. – I’m not a hero. – Shiloh’s protecting Bella, and Micah just went off on his own.

They’re on the third floor, quadrant B. – What? No! No he’s not! – He’s not there! – Yeah, no. He’s in the bathroom. Yeah! – In Kentucky! – Yeah! – In the Kentucky bathroom! I saw it myself. – Got it! Now all we need is Micah’s part done. – Yes! I think this is finally my year. – Oh, no. – [Announcer] A power has been absorbed. – Micah. Bella, they now have Micah’s power. If they can get yours too, that means that they can call everyone to them and take everyone out at once. We immediately lose. – Then, what’s the plan? – Wait, your power.

You can call as many meetings as you want. No cooldown. – Right. – Okay. So we just need to call infinite meetings and vote everyone out but us. – That’s brilliant. – Judah. Why do you keep carrots in your briefcase? – What else do you keep in a briefcase? – [Bella] Oh no! Shiloh, what do I do? – Run. Run as fast as you can! – No! – What happened to Micah and Bella? – The Absorber has taken the power of Eddie and the mermaid. They can now call everybody to them. Take everyone out in one swoop. We must vote out the impostor in this meeting. Or we all lose. The Absorber is one of us. – Elijah. Your ability to blend into the shadows allow you to move around the map easily, picking off your victims. An easy impostor play. – What? That’s ridiculous. I’m not an impostor. – Adam. You haven’t said a single thing this entire time. You’ve traveled alone.

Not a single soul has seen you do a task. We don’t even know what your power does. – So what? I don’t have to tell you my power. – And you, Britney. A perfect princess would make the best impostor disguise. Who would suspect someone who looks so innocent? – What about you, Shiloh?

I heard you’re the best impostor there is. Little Miss ‘I have no role’. What if you do have a special power? The Absorber? – [Britney] Yeah. You said you have 12 tasks. Why haven’t you done them yet? Are you actually a crewmate? – I just can’t take the pressure! – you’re all sus. Nothing to clear you. It could be any one of you. – Adam has gotta be. – Me? – You’re the most sus. – Wait! Britney, what did you say? – Where was Elijah during sabotage? – You said that I had 12 tasks left. I only told that to two people. David and Judah, Judah thought that you were the impostor. So he wouldn’t have told you.

And David was the impostor, and he would’ve thrown you out. Which means that you only could have gotten the information by talking to somebody who’s already thrown out, using Hallie’s power. Which means that you are The Absorber. – Remind me to never get on Shiloh’s bad side. – And Britney was The Absorber. – What? It’s you? – Shiloh, Micah. The impostor! – The force was not with us. – 5 powers. You had 5 powers. – Our phone game Shiloh and Bros Impostor Chase has 4 new game modes. – Pirates aboard, zombie attack, space invasion and robots on the loose. – If you wanna play today the link is in the description. – And if you wanna play on this playground the link is also in the description.

– Will you sell me that lightsaber for one carrot? – No. – Two, two carrots.

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