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فيلم: Fields Corner در دورچستر، MA، مکانی عالی در سال ۲۰۱۴ در آمریکا است

Title:Fields Corner در دورچستر، MA، مکانی عالی در سال ۲۰۱۴ در آمریکا است فیلدز کرنر در دورچستر، ماساچوست، یکی از مکان‌های عالی APA در سال ۲۰۱۴ در آمریکا است. در این ویدیو مدیر اجرایی APA جیمز درینان، JD; رئیس APA ویلیام اندرسون، FAICP; و جان باروس، رئیس توسعه اقتصادی بوستون – که همگی در مورد […]

Title:Fields Corner در دورچستر، MA، مکانی عالی در سال ۲۰۱۴ در آمریکا است

فیلدز کرنر در دورچستر، ماساچوست، یکی از مکان‌های عالی APA در سال ۲۰۱۴ در آمریکا است. در این ویدیو مدیر اجرایی APA جیمز درینان، JD; رئیس APA ویلیام اندرسون، FAICP; و جان باروس، رئیس توسعه اقتصادی بوستون – که همگی در مورد دلایل دریافت این افتخار به دورچستر صحبت می کنند. درباره برنامه مکان های بزرگ APA در آمریکا بیشتر بدانید:

قسمتي از متن فيلم: You good morning and welcome I’m Jim Dryden the executive director of the American Planning Association and we’re proud to partner with the city of Boston today to recognize fields corner as one of a pas great neighborhoods for 2014 congratulations we have two distinguished speakers today mr. william anderson the president of the American

Planning Association and mr. John barrows the chief of economic development for the city of Boston we also have some special guests in the audience mr. tad read of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Planning Association and some leaders from the fields corner Main Street group via aid and the Dorchester house multi

Service center so congratulations and welcome to all of you each year each year the American Planning Association recognizes ten great neighborhoods in America as well as ten great streets and ten great public spaces with the recognition of Phil’s corner as one of America’s great neighborhoods in combination with recent

Awards to Washington Street downtown Boston as a great street and the Emerald Necklace in Boston as a great public space Boston has now achieved the rare triple crown of great places in America and again congratulations for that rare honor out of the thousands of eligible places in the United States the American

Planning Association evaluates the hundreds of submissions and considers the design who’s planning architecture community involvement and many intangible factors that make a neighborhood great fields corner is recognized for its blend of housing business public spaces social life and community activism this neighborhood has thrived for generations welcoming immigrants cultures and assimilating the

Families that have made Dorchester fields corner and Boston a great part of America I speak about these features from personal experience as I was fortunate enough to grow up here in Dorchester my brother who is with me today Kenny and I lived about six blocks from here on florida street my

Grandparents immigrated from County Cork 100 years ago and lived about a mile down for Chester Avenue we lived in a triple decker and then a Victorian mansion that had been restored by hard-working members of this community and we were fortunate enough to go to school play get our first jobs and

Socialize with our friends and family in this neighborhood and I’m thrilled to see that this community to evolve and be recognized as a great place in America I treasure these memories and I still tell these stories years later because it is memories and stories that instilled people that make

The neighborhood great in addition to physical characteristics that we recognize today so once again the american planning association is proud to recognize fields corner of Dorchester as one of America’s great neighborhoods for 2014 thank you it is now my pleasure to introduce mr. William Anderson the president of the American Planning

Association bill is a fellow of the American Institute of Certified clamors and a vice president at aecom a global design and engineering firm here’s the former Planning Director for the city of San Diego and a frequent speaker on planning topics built oh good good morning and congratulations it’s a

Thrill to be here to celebrate fields corner as one of 2014’s great neighborhoods in America with to John Barros and and with Jim Dryden fields corner is a great example of a diverse community featuring unique local businesses and providing a variety of ways of transportation of ways of

Getting about walking and transit as well as driving but finding that access to jobs in the community at the heart of fields corner is a commercial corridor stretching along dorchester avenue which contains a variety of family-owned businesses and independent retail stores provides a richness and n a cultural menu really

For people who live here but also for the people of Boston the value and importance of this retail corridor has only been approved through the work and commitment of your community and in fact it’s not community activism which is one of the reasons fields corner rose to the

Top this year in recognition after years of planning and community meetings the Dorchester Avenue project led by the Boston Redevelopment Authority commenced of 2010 and 80 million dollars was spent on improving the streetscape of dorchester avenue in making those linkages to the transit system that provides that access to the broader

Community and provides the broader communities access to fields corner fields corners close-knit community and commitment to social and civic services remains one of its long-standing traditions it makes this neighborhood such a special place the tradition dates all the way back to the 1880s with the Dorchester house of a social

Service organization founded by members of the First Parish Unitarian Church in Dorchester today there continues to be many community-based organizations in field corner dedicated to providing assistance to the local community yet aid one such organization was established to provide a support network network for the large Vietnamese community in the neighborhood in 2002

They opened an 18,000 square foot community center down the road and if that’s not enough they also run a small business assistance program and after school and summer program V it means you and many other programs another neighborhood group fields corner Main Street is one of 20 main streets

Mainstream programs here in boston they work to make the Dorchester Avenue commercial district stronger and lively many of their projects include improving storefronts streetscape beautification projects again bringing culture through commerce to the people of the Kip Dorchester accessibility to and from the neighborhood is one piece that makes it

Great from a planning perspective it connects Dorchester to downtown Boston and from the region through the red line to fields corner and making pedestrian enhancements so it’s walkable and safe access is a very important part of that system and we really want to honor fields corners and Dorchester’s standout

Recognition and celebration of racial and diversity sometimes we as planners we know the tools for planning for exclusion but we also know the tools for planning for inclusion and we want to do more of that and fields corner is an inspiration to planners around the country on how to

Plan for that inclusion thank you very much and congratulations thank you Bill I’m thrilled that mr. John Barros the chief of economic development courtesy of Boston is here today John leads the effort to streamline and support areas of focus that contribute to Boston’s economy including tourism jobs and employment business and real estate

Development under his direction the economic development cabinet works to increase transparency and promote accessibility for all Bostonians especially women and minority-owned businesses and local businesses to share in and benefit from the economic boom in Boston before his appointment to this position John served 13 years as executive director of the Dudley Street

Neighborhood initiative where he led a successful neighborhood revitalization effort and the largest urban community welcome mr. John Powers good morning this is a it’s a beautiful day right and it’s very appropriate to celebrating in a beautiful neighborhood so I want to thank Jim and bill for your leadership and thank the APA for

Recognizing strong neighborhoods and particularly recognizing fields corner I bring greetings from our mayor martin j walsh who is of course a neighbor it lives right off of Dorchester Ave and bharti as he is known i’m short too many of you is excited to be the mayor of

Boston but he’s inside to me to be at Boston because the the city of Boston is made up of amazingly diverse strong and healthy neighborhoods and so he understands the importance of building a city from the neighborhood first and that’s why I come here with excitement with real commitment from our mayor to

Say that he continues to be a partner for our neighborhood to continue to be a partner for four fields corner I also want to recognize our city council Ayanna Pressley who’s standing right here city councilor at-large for her commitment leadership and dedication to our neighborhoods I know she only lives

Down the street the other way off of Dorchester Ave and we all know that she is a tireless champion for for our neighborhoods and so together we’re here to celebrate a neighborhood that is only strong and recognized because of the people of the neighborhood because of the stakeholders of this neighborhood

Because of the small businesses that invest their time and energy and resources in this neighborhood and create jobs because of the residents and as a city official I am lucky to be able to partner with you to continue to improve that so I want to recognize some of this

After the VRA were here we’re part of what this neighborhood to invest the hard-earned public money back into this neighborhood look Boston is booming Boston’s economy is booming we have 18 point three billion dollars in our pipeline the city this year has approved a record 2.8 billion dollars worth of

Development so far we’re at a pace about thirty thirty percent more than last year record pace in the city’s development and growth but it means absolutely busted if we can’t partner with our neighborhoods and make sure that we’re improving the lives of the people of Boston which is why we stand

Here heroes square just really to say congratulations and to reaffirm our commitment to working with you the leaders of this neighborhood to make sure that Boston continues to thrive Boston will only continue to grow and will only continue to be the best city in America if our neighborhoods are the

Best neighborhoods in America so that’s why this is such an important day and that’s why the city is here partnering with the APA to continue to recognize exemplar leadership in the neighborhood that continues to be an inspiration not only for the city before the whole country congratulations and we look

Forward to doing more of this many beautiful days to come thank you

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