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فيلم: Farmessori – نزدیک باغ شهری مونته سوری شمالی

Title:Farmessori – نزدیک باغ شهری مونته سوری شمالی Farmessori یک برنامه باغ شهری است که توسط مدرسه Near North Montessori در شیکاگو اجرا می شود. جعبه ابزار برنامه ریزی کودکان APA از مدرسه و باغ بازدید کرد و با کارکنان در مورد پروژه آنها صحبت کرد. قسمتي از متن فيلم: [Applause] My name is Chris […]

Title:Farmessori – نزدیک باغ شهری مونته سوری شمالی

Farmessori یک برنامه باغ شهری است که توسط مدرسه Near North Montessori در شیکاگو اجرا می شود. جعبه ابزار برنامه ریزی کودکان APA از مدرسه و باغ بازدید کرد و با کارکنان در مورد پروژه آنها صحبت کرد.

قسمتي از متن فيلم: [Applause] My name is Chris Ambrose oh I am the junior high director at near North Montessori in Wicker Park in Chicago so Montessori philosophy Montessori education is all about teaching the whole child and indifferent academics and personal attributes and sustainability recycling composting has been a part of our school for a long

Time but it was it was challenging because it was always within the school and we are very much an urban school so any of the things that we tried to do outside on the playground or around the perimeter of the school we’re challenging so about three three-and-a-half years ago we got

Connected to somebody from the Chicago botanical gardens and we had a woman who came in over the course of an academic year she spent a lot of time with teachers talking about sustainability and curriculum and how we could work within our own curriculum that we already have and add these elements as

The sustainability and we we put together a sustainability mission and we spent that whole year as a faculty really trying to brainstorm ways in which we could make this really come to life and then purely coincidentally it kind of fell into our laps right before school opened a couple years ago the

Plot of land that we are standing on right now is owned by a set of grandparents of a child who used to attend our our school and they’ve had a number of offers on the land on the property of people interested in building housing or condos or using the

Land for residential purposes they were very reluctant to do that and they wanted to hold on to the land for something different and they found us and they decided to lease or rent us their land or I think a dollar a year or something crazy like

That the first year Anna the woman from the Botanic Gardens just spent a lot of time getting the land ready for use there was a lot of cement in the ground there was a lot of garbage in the ground of rocks so that first year was a lot of just

Hard hard difficult labor we put together this greenhouse over here during that first year in the middle of the winter during the cold snap and we started building some of these raised beds that you see behind me then Stacey we happen to get really lucky and

When Anna had to move on we found Stacey or maybe Stacy found us and it seemed to work out to be a perfect match that Stacy’s experience and her knowledge and her vision matched perfectly with what we wanted to do or what we had been thinking about

Doing and she has been able to really take the reins and she immediately jumped in and started making this happen and become a reality my name is Stacey cushion Barry and this is the pharma sori with near North montessori school here in chicago and i am the urban farm manager so I

Montessori education is broken down into different age levels so I work with the 32 Sixers which would be our kindergarten group through child to fourteeners which is all the way to eighth grade basically and the kids come out here once a week for about an hour

To an hour and a half dependent on the class and they do different things that would be involved with gardening that would include you just general planting harvesting we also do a lot of organic gardening and farming practices so we do composting vermiculture we also do biodynamic gardening and an

Agriculture so we do a lot for sustainability of the plants and taking care of the whole system so when you look around there’s not just you know fruits and vegetables out here there’s also a lot of trees and perennials and we’re trying to take care of that whole

System so let’s see what the 3 2 sixers a lot of that is focused on planting and kind of introducing them to the garden so one thing we do throughout the school year is we plant in our girl abs which is on the level that the three to six

Hours our app and they plant microgreens and they do all this they plant all the starts for the pharma sori so all of our tomatoes and cucumbers and all the vegetables they are actually starting them themselves and then they come out here and plant them for the 12 to 14

Errs I do much more science-based kind of gardening and farming practices one thing we did is we talked about our trees and the need to take care care of them here in Chicago so we did something called tree painting so we learned all about the importance of taking care of

Our trees and then we actually came out here and it’s a mixture of clay and compost and manure and water and they literally painted the trees it was a really nice way of kind of making sure we’re taking care of this whole system so those are two projects that I think

Went very well and kind of showcase what we do as the garden has expanded we put together a number of projects one of them is we introduced honeybees this year and as we continue to move along next year we’re going to be introducing chickens so we will have chickens here

Which is going to be incredibly exciting for everyone and then also we’ve been working a great deal on improving our soil these raised beds have you know brand new soil as you the greenhouses so we were able to grow fruits and vegetables in them and the soil on the ground unfortunately is contaminated

With lead so we can’t grow in the ground so we’ve been doing a lot of bioremediation which means growing plants that can pull out the lead and store it in their leaves one of those plants lucky for us the sunflowers so in the summer we have just a huge amount of sunflowers that

Are really doing that job and we think that after this year we’ll have another year of bioremediation and then we will be ready to do a lot of in-ground growing also we installed fruit trees this year so we did a pear peach plum you know wide variety of fruit trees and

Our plan is to really trellis them and kind of create our orchard so that kind of the next day is the pharma sorry is directly related to our sandwich shop program our sandwich shop program allows our child to fourteeners to get into the kitchen and prepare lunches for our all

Of our kids the school it’s a micro economy so the kids basically run their own business they make a profit they are able to donate that money to different nonprofits it’s directly related in that a lot of our produce goes to sandwich shop hi I’m

Jamie Warren Foltz I am the 12 to 14 junior high sandwich shop coordinator we are in the sandwich shop classroom right now behind us there is a for the most part of full-service kitchen space and then over in this direction there’s more of a classroom

Setup and in this space we do not only cooking and kitchen related practical life lessons we also teach some lessons and then we use a space to basically run sandwich shop sandwich shop is a basically a lunch program it’s an opportunity for the seventh and eighth

Graders to kind of run their their own micro economy and fulfill a need within the school which is the need for school lunch it also presents them with a portal ah’d of educational opportunities to incorporate what they’re learning in a more traditional classroom setting or their homeroom settings and bring that into

This space to run this business and basically they they run the whole thing I am here to kind of guide them they they build it from the bottom up or at least I try and encourage them to and what that means is that they they kind of come up with a vision for

What they want to do with sandwich shop they designed the menu they prepare all the food they take the orders they prepare the food they package it and they deliver it so it’s a very cool opportunity for them to also interact with the rest of the school and the

Younger children and staff who they prepare lunch is for and after all of that has been taken care of they come back up they help take care of the space and they also interact with their customers who will often come up with feedback of some kind then at the

End of the whole operation the money that they make they donate to charity and there’s three seventh and eighth grade classes and each class takes a turn running sandwich shop throughout the year and so each class has the opportunity to choose which charities they would like to donate the money

Towards and they do so by doing research and again assessing need and and then delivering the bountiful charity check when when all is said and done You

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