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فيلم: ۲۰۱۲-۱۰-۲۶ ۱۳٫۰۳ Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 5

Title:2012-10-26 13.03 Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 5 با مبدل ویدیوی رایگان از Freemake آپلود شده است قسمتي از متن فيلم: Work with in an operator yeah if you have that collaborative spirit to redo a a road system or there’s some other kind of capital infrastructure that you would not even be […]

Title:2012-10-26 13.03 Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 5

با مبدل ویدیوی رایگان از Freemake آپلود شده است

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Work with in an operator yeah if you have that collaborative spirit to redo a a road system or there’s some other kind of capital infrastructure that you would not even be able to contemplate simply on a per well impact fee or some kind of small level fee so they can these can

Make a real difference thanks Fred no Megan you have experience in the southern tier in New York where are some communities are preparing for hydraulic fracturing to be permitted what can local governments do or what should they do when they are preparing for shale development to come to their communities

For the first time thanks Cheryl I spent a lot of time working with the county planners in creating community guides to help local communities guide them and pre plan before the industry came and what we came up with is seven general tasks the first task is to organize your

Structure to align them in a sapote officers the staff assign them additional roles and responsibilities and coordinate efforts with the community task forces and put that in alignment with the municipal agenda as well as getting connected to other online resources and educational institutions the second task is planners

And what communities can do is to create a baseline community profile and this just isn’t ailing identifying inventory inventory and producing historic maps and just organizing the current community data and when you do this this is a perfect baseline to also start adopting or renovating your comprehensive planning documents the

Third task to do is just what I kind of mentioned is just using your planning documents by adopting and updating them and including local land use regulations as well as reviewing the current oil gas and solution mining regulations for your state for use your municipal regulations

Tweak your site plan review adopt a row disagreement look at aquifer protection regulations and wellhead protections revisit your short-term temporary employee housing rigs or consider adopting some look at your subdivision regulations and your regulatory definitions and make sure that your definitions address the industry and its terminology number five put your zoning

To work you need to update your zoning regulations to support your updated comp plan and that’s key because the comp plan is only guidance and if you don’t update your regulations you haven’t finished the job and this also allows you to review your light and noise ordinances and your egg district zoning

As well as just updating the definitions in the regulatory sections of your municipality number six you definitely have to track the industry it’s good to have monthly trends we’re drilling rigs are moving numbers of wells work with the industry work with the state and local jurisdictions to devise drilling

Projections that include both short-term and long-term projections and finally number seven and I can’t stress this enough as the communication is critical you have to establish some sort of intergovernmental task force you have to invite the industry to the table the county the town the state and community agencies such as landowner coalition’s

Or housing agencies to ask questions to be involved to let the industry know where problems occur it right away and to create a clearinghouse of information that the county and community can use and that the information being collected is County and community Pacific and to just keep planning regular meetings with

The energy reps and the surrounding municipalities I think Artie and it’s what planners need to focus on as well as the communities thank you thanks Megan sticking with New York Erica could you tell us about the experience of planners in middlefield New York Eric are you there they’re very

Quickly of middlefield illustrates what Megan in particular has been talking about it’s in an area that relies on tourism the Cooperstown baseball museum is there there’s an opera company glimmerglass there’s its wine country there’s a lot of Agriculture unlike the oil and gas industry which introduced preemption legislation in the

Legislature no one introduced legislation which said thou shalt not adversely impact tourism in New York and so middlefield and the Cooperstown area in general gathered data hired planners updated their comprehensive plan did a GE is revision and wrote a local regulation that protects farmland and agriculture that protects wine country

And existing uses and that also says there will be light industry but categorizes fracking and shale gas exploration in general as heavy industry along with other heavy industries and as Earl suggested they have a provision that allows you to apply for a special permit you may not get it but this makes

It necessary for landowners and others particularly oil and gas developers to exhaust their remedies before they bring lawsuits can’t stress enough the importance of comprehensive planning but just in case as we go into our question period I don’t get a chance to say another word here are my thoughts

Read the newspapers stay current there are no enemies in this particular line of endeavor very often the more progressive parts of the industry South is such a southwestern energy company in Texas are working jointly with the Environmental Defense Fund and Congress in order to have disclosure of chemicals

It’s a very complicated area lawyers as Earl has suggested will come at you with buckets of sand to throw in your eyes to say no no you can’t regulate us but then again you’re in a poker game the more progressive companies even while they are saying get away we’re we’re

Preempted we’re protected will quietly work to change for example their water use so be open-minded talk to people and call any and all of us we were all listed Thanks Thank You America before we get to the Q&A portion there is one more issue that all the payless agreed

With crucial we touch on so let’s just talk about the community industry relationship Fred Garfield County Colorado creative and thoughtful approaches to improving the relationship between the community and the industry could you please talk about what the county has done and how planners are a part of that process absolutely and

Thanks for the opportunity to hit on this a couple of points we have similar to what megan has talked about tried to put in place in fact we have effectively what’s called a county regulatory navigation guide all of our different communities speak in terms of regulation

A language that in some cases is not familiar to the operators that show up on your your courthouse steps looking to do work and in the same vein planners are inherently not in verse not versed well in the language and very complicated technologies that the industry uses and so we took that

Opportunity to say we need to get together and understand each other before we set into the world of regulation and understand this takes a required education so I would urge that secondly we have what’s called an oil and gas local government designee also known as the oil and gas

Liaison position and this is something that’s a strong strong position in the state of Colorado for all of our counties and cities and allows you to have an individual from your organization that works not only with the state regulations but also the citizen rate your political boards and

Industry and it’s a very different view might imagine it’s a very difficult job to walk around in and be being careful not to saddle up with any one agenda but in fact trying to resolve issues on all parts finally to the last points we have also instituted by our County Board of

County Commissioners what’s called the county energy advisory boards is a politically appointed board made up of citizens towns town leaders and industry and this is another forum that is a place where folks can come once a month and make make the the board aware of either specific issues or larger policy

Issues by way of example the setback issue that Colin was talking about the state of Colorado is jumping into that issue yet again on if there a conflict between the state’s regulations on distance versus maybe a local community wanted to extend that setback maybe from

۱۵۰ feet to 600 feet can you do that are those regulations in harmony with each other Earl would appreciate that term and then finally we have I think one of our our most successful endeavors is called what community counts and I would urge folks listening who are interested

In this concept to go on website and and look at this program but it is essentially a very real and very serious hot line of actual human beings live voices at each of the companies to operate in our county so we have these signposts literally all over our road

Network system and they have a board and you can call individually and not get a recording but you will actually get a human being a live person who knows something not not someone who perhaps as an administrative person but an actual person one of the PE s for example on on

One of the well sites so you really do have direct access is what this really boils down to to a company’s a citizen can instead of waiting a month to go explain their problems in front of a board they can call that afternoon when they see or hear the problem and

Resolve it or work towards a solution immediately so those are just a few things that I think is working are working very well out here thanks friday i’m sorry i just have to UM fix this so i could see my buttons Colin could you quickly talk about the relationship

Between the industry in the community from your perspective and cheering lessons you’ve learned over time that you think would be helpful for the audience to hear absolutely I think if anything we have to just understand the communication between both citizens and industry is the most paramount thing

That we have there are a lot of employees here that understand the gas drilling lingo you have others that not really sure how this all works so having a good liaison in your municipality to be able to discuss issues from the city’s ass aspect of it to the to the

Industry and also to take in complaints from citizens and to look at those and try to figure out what the best way to handle those situations are we do things such as weekly meetings with operators where they come in we just can’t talk about hot topics and discussions also to

The point that we have town hall meetings when new drill sites are coming in we’re citizens and the industry get to talk get to sit down and discuss issues that may be going on that were not even aware of so we try to do our best to communicate not only between the

Citizen the operator but also with people here at city hall in for the municipal area thanks Colin some of the audience may have heard of community task forces Megan I think you already mentioned it but could you explain what they are and whether in your experience they are effective sure where I worked

Recently was in the southern tier of New York and we had task forces at the county level and this is in Chemung County Schuyler County and Steuben County and each of the task forces created websites and there is task forces in a variety of states so you can definitely do your

Research but in general task forces are at the community level they have many many different organizational styles and they basically help plan and prepare for natural gas development and gather and share information and they can work in different political climates the task forces can be extremely successful we’re

In sublet County Wyoming an intro governmental task force was developed and used

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