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فيلم: ۲۰۱۲-۱۰-۲۶ ۱۳٫۰۳ Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 2

Title:2012-10-26 13.03 Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 2 با مبدل ویدیوی رایگان از Freemake آپلود شده است قسمتي از متن فيلم: Where wells have been drilled for oil and gas for over 200 years and not really charted as to where they are having that kind of protection is also important and so […]

Title:2012-10-26 13.03 Planning for Shale Development_ Booms Part 2

با مبدل ویدیوی رایگان از Freemake آپلود شده است

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Where wells have been drilled for oil and gas for over 200 years and not really charted as to where they are having that kind of protection is also important and so we will whiz through the next couple of slides where the hole gets deeper the cement casings are added

You see the first casing which is the cement surface casing to protect the aquifer but then after the vertical is drilled the pipe is put in to replace it and cement is is pumped in it looks kind of like toothpaste you squirt it down this has to be cured properly it’s a

Real science if as in Pennsylvania in some of the very early Marcellus jobs people who were not really attuned to doing it properly or trained to do it properly make cement casings it increases the possibility of an accident and even under the best of circumstances cement casings can fail but they

Certainly are are used to try to protect the aquifer thank you I think we’ve done it there may be one more but that fast one there shows the Braden have valves monitoring this is these are from Colorado and you can find their rules online rule 3 41 monitors pressures

During stimulation which is when you’re actually doing the fracking but fracking is just a technology people in the East tend to think of it as a process from the moment that you that in company decides that they want to acquire mineral rights until the moment years later perhaps

When the last drop of gas has been taken out of the well and the well has been capped and the land has been restored completely but it really is only what you saw the capillaries going out in that drawing and we have a citation to the COGCC hydraulic fracturing rules

Which I think you’ll find very interesting they will tell you all about rule 341 Thank You Erika no Fred could you please talk about what a company’s drilling in addition to the wells and well pads what is needed to get that gas to market Fred did you wanna mute your

Line yeah okay great okay can everybody hear me yes great thanks for else so I’ve got four slides that I want to walk through fairly briefly but it I think it paints the larger context of shale development and it goes beyond the drilling of the wellbore itself we often

In Colorado called a point of production and then takes it to the end user which in ultimately course is the the ones purchasing the commodity and then using it so with this slide illustrates course on the left is the drill rig operating and that is the point of production in

Developing the underground resource then of course that gas needs to be transferred to the larger gas treatment systems that’s done through a series of pipeline networks oftentimes referred to as a gathering system so if you have a company drilling in a particular area they will have either their own company

Or a different third-party construct and carry transport that gas through the gathering system to a point of treatment in an off to an interstate pipeline to to be sent to the end-user so the the middle slide forces the pipeline the third picture on the right are of gas compressor this is important component

Because you either have to compress or push that gas in a lot of cases and there a lot of land use issues that arise from compression but it is a very real important part of moving that gas to market finally in the bottom is a typical gas treatment facility the raw

Gas is treated to certain levels in not in cases the gas that comes out as wet and so this gas gets dry and a variety of other constituents are separated from the stream and that gets sent to market as the others do it next slide please so

This larger map is a map that really gives you a sense of scale for these major interstate transmission lines and what I’ve done is highlight Garfield County’s political boundaries showing you that once you course get drilled down into the county we have a much more defined and detailed pipeline network

The red dots show you well pads not even well bores and then also the intricate gas pipeline network that we have and and permit and Garfield County than the follow the slide in the far right corner just gives you a sense where the second blue bar from the left weld county of

The leading producer those are active wells in our state and so we’re second their next slide please and then in this slide I wanted to show you in some cases what this looks like from the air for areas that haven’t developed you can have densities like that photograph

Enough are left is showing you but what does highlights are the access roads that get put in to access the well pads in some cases these are trunk roads but certainly every site gets its own road to it’s tough to get to the to get there without your vehicle access but then

Also as part of this you have liquids management which is a very key part of shale development there’s a lot of what they call produce water and then water use through the hydraulic fracturing process the very water intensive industry and technology and so you have to do something with those great volumes

Of water in this slides are showing you an open pet evaporative pit style for freshwater or produced water to be used later in this process as well as the tanks on the far right it could be either from anything from hydrocarbons that are pulled off

And then and then sold as a commodity to produce water we used in the fracturing hydraulic fracturing process but also you see these other points communications towers lay down yards gravel extraction these are all really key parts to the overall large network next slide please and then finally this

Gives you a sense of housing that you will often see the slide the picture to the far left the larger facility is one of the largest temporary employee housing facilities more commonly called man camps that you may see and then the far right is actually on pad it’s a

Stacked unit and so in some cases particularly where we are you have extremely remote territory that you need to in some cases accommodate for housing and that that’s good in the sense that you don’t have employees on 12-hour shifts running up and down very dangerous roads perhaps after working a

Tough shift and this could be two or three hours each way so it’s it’s a very I believe important part of the drilling process but this gives you two sections oh thank you thank you very much Fred now Megan along those lines could you please explain the various stages of

Development that occur in connection with drilling as well as the effects on communities from his development sure thank you natural gas development is typically broken into three phases the first phase is the development phase this phase is very short-lived it’s very labor-intensive and it has the peak impact period for natural gas

Development the second phase is the production phase and the third phase is the reclamation base both of these phases are very long-lived they have a very small steady labor force and to get an idea of what kind of activities are associated with these types of phases I just wanted to say a

Few of them to help planners kind of understand what to expect the development phase can include leasing seismic testing geology analysis it can include the temporary workforce housing that Fred discussed it can include site clearing mobilization staging of materials and equipment it can also have some material storage involved this is

Where the well pad and access roads are constructed this is where you’re going to see some quarries being used for gravel this is where the water withdrawal and treatment occur the drilling and fracturing of a well and some reclaiming and pipeline construction as well as compressor stations and storage facilities next

Slide please this is just an image of the production phase you can see in the picture this is a well that’s in production in the Marcellus Shale region again the activities because this is a very long period however the labor force that came to do the development phase

Has left and now there’s a smaller labor force that does some trucking of water and condensate from the well site they’ll do monitoring of the production and they will occasionally do well workovers which is just partially be drilling andrey fracturing well if needed next slide please the reclamation phase usually involves dismantling and

Reclaiming the well site this is what a capped the claim site pretty much looks like they’ll be brought back to its natural state vegetation will be placed again this is a very long-lived phase it has an even smaller labor force involved and this is where the development is coming to a completion

All of these phases and activities will overlap and occur simultaneously for some period next slide please this is just a very simple relationship on the slide that can help planners understand how this affect communities because there’s a lot being discussed here today and how can we narrow it down so you can

Get some way of measuring what’s going on and so if you have an idea of the number of drilling rigs that Keys you into the amount of development and that informs you of the size of the workforce and ultimately those figures add up to become the impact to the community or

How it affects a community and so again there’s many websites that you can use but it’s important to figure out how many rigs are on the ground in your community so you can start calculating some of the impacts next slide please now how do these activities impact communities a community will be impacted

During the development phase where a large transient workforce follows the industry and with it it brings population increases and that impact alone causes a domino effect if a community has inadequate housing stocks they’ll be impacted they’ll affect roads traffic they’ll put demands on more public services needed it can bring upon

Social tension taxes there can be a labor force drain shift and rehiring where certain sectors of your community will lead their posts to go work in the gas patch there will be impacts to postal services tourism emergency response services it can also cause new construction to occur it can impact the

Crime rates real estate it can cause income disparity where existing residents are accustomed to a certain level of income and the industry comes in with higher paid labor forces and causes some disparity to occur which also can lead to some of the social tensions mentioned and if the population stays

Longer if the development phase is more lasting some of the impacts can go into the school systems and the child care systems ones families of the labor force start moving into the community and again these communities just mentioned are linked to the population increase however there is an increased industrial

Activity to the communities which affects municipality is uniquely especially planners and by bringing this industry it also brings additional meetings for planners it’s going to require comprehensive planning documents to be updated you’re going to have to create and adapt new procedures and ordinances and increase staffing demands and possibly bringing our hiring of

Interns you’re going to have increased site visits building permits own changes variance requests

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