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فيلم: یک شهرساز واقعی سعی می کند یک شهر جدید در Anno 1800 بسازد!

Title:یک شهرساز واقعی سعی می کند یک شهر جدید در Anno 1800 بسازد! اکنون ANNO را رایگان امتحان کنید!: ** بابت حمایت مالی از این ویدیو به یوبی سافت فریاد بزنید! ** یک شهرساز واقعی سعی می کند یک شهر جدید در Anno 1800 بسازد! در قسمت امروز، Anno 1800 را امتحان می‌کنیم و […]

Title:یک شهرساز واقعی سعی می کند یک شهر جدید در Anno 1800 بسازد!

اکنون ANNO را رایگان امتحان کنید!:
** بابت حمایت مالی از این ویدیو به یوبی سافت فریاد بزنید! ** یک شهرساز واقعی سعی می کند یک شهر جدید در Anno 1800 بسازد! در قسمت امروز، Anno 1800 را امتحان می‌کنیم و خواهیم دید که آیا می‌توانم شهری با عملکرد خوب بسازم یا آن را با تمرکز بر محوطه‌سازی به خانه فقیران ارسال می‌کنم. ———————————————— ———- مرا در اینجا پیدا کنید ► وب سایت:
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———————————————— ———- هشتگ ها #CitiesSkylines #Realishttimebuild #City Plannerplays ——————————– ————————— فصل‌ها #CitiesSkylines #RealTimeishBuild #CityPlannerPlays

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Hello welcome back to city planner plays where today we are playing Anno 1800. this is a game I’ve been meaning to play for a long time but I just never got around to it so when Ubisoft reached out to me about a sponsored video I jumped

At the opportunity so a huge shout out to Ubisoft for providing me with access to the game and for sponsoring today’s video So today we’re just gonna dabble around a bit in the game and I’ll give you my thoughts along the way and if you

Want to give the game a go it just launched on PS5 and Xbox series X and S and it’s available on PC using the link in the video description and you can play it for free until March 23rd and if you decide to buy it it’s on sale right

Now too let’s jump into it I want to start a new game and there’s two options that you have you can do a campaign which has a story which I love or you can do a Sandbox and today that’s what I think we’re gonna do and then you get to

Pick a character and I I’m gonna go for this guy at the very bottom this guy looks like he belongs in the Phantom of the Opera so we’re gonna go with him and my name Philip means lover of horses and I know that we have this right here so

We’re gonna go with a horse logo I do not love horses it’s just my name I don’t I don’t know and here you go with a pink lover of horses flag that is gonna be the sign of our Empire and now we need a name so I’m going to generate

A couple we’re gonna go with Trinity Infinity I like that one Trinity Infinity who looks like he belongs in Phantom of the Opera and with that here we are in clemborg so right here we have a small Trading Post and a shipping vessel so

This is all that we have I want to send this thing out right away to explore we are going to meet other people we could have diplomacy with them we can set up trade routes and we have to discover some things we got to figure out what’s

Out there we can settle other Islands if we want to so I just basically went in grabbed this and I set a signed Patrol route and I just went to the edge of the map and we’re just gonna say go out here and now we’ll go right back here and

Start building our city and everyone needs a road that is where we start so we are going to build a road and thinking about this I think it makes sense to start building along the coast why would you go and clear a bunch of forests if you didn’t have to

So this road is important for a number of reasons this is going to connect up to this obviously that’s the most important thing but this also operates as a warehouse it will talk about warehouses in a little bit this road is not free either even though it’s a dirt

Road it does cost a little bit of money about 100 bucks for this road so also something to keep in mind so let’s start planning for our little community and we’re gonna need a Marketplace which is where everyone in the community will get some food and goods we’re gonna need

Some homes and we’re gonna need some places of employment so I’m gonna build a road up here this will be the other spline of our community and our downtown will be in this area and then I want to back out our first residential away from

Downtown and spread it out a bit and I’m going to dive into the Aesthetics a little bit maybe that’s not where I should begin but that is where I want to begin the game allows for it so we’re gonna do it now the way that this works is up to 25

People can live in this home now if we hit 10 people in here we could upgrade it to workers and if we hit more than that we can upgrade even further Artisans Engineers different things but you got to start somewhere and we start with a Content farmer that said she’s

Not exactly thrilled she’s moving out and that’s because she doesn’t have a place to buy groceries so we’re gonna get that set up right now we’ll set up a Marketplace and you see that this is glowing green that is the maximum distance that this the benefits of this

Marketplace will go let us build a little eyebrow right there so now this will reach over here it’s a little ways away truthfully I don’t know that they’re gonna love this and I don’t know that it’s going to make them super happy app did it did people are moving in one

Of two moving in it’s because they have a market now they have other needs as well fish food and clothing make sense but we have to unlock them by having Farmers so I’m gonna build a few more farmsteads but actually I want to decorate first so I have a wooden fence

And I want to make yards I want this to feel like a proper lot Now I can use my eyedropper tool I just want to copy this so I’m going to do the same thing over here and I hit s that brings me back to my street my dirt road then I’m just drawing these little connectors they have to be connected to

A road otherwise they will abandon there we go looking good oh nope not looking good we have abandoned right here we’re gonna renovate this abandoned building stay here please people we don’t want this is actually using up our lumber which isn’t good so I want to point something out really quickly right here

Shows how much we are making or losing at any given point in time right now we have maintenance because of some of our buildings but we’re not making any money because we’re not producing anything so we’ve got to fix this we’ll go back into our construction menu and see what it’s

Going to take we need 50 people to unlock fishing and until we have that people are getting very upset and moving out so I’m gonna build a couple more Residential Properties or one that’s all I can do and then just hope for the best maybe temporarily I’ll call them all

Again so that’s one thing that I like about this game a lot you can call them all again just grab that building and put it wherever you need it to be let’s see if that makes people even happier Marketplace to the top we’re good I’m

Just speed this up and see if we can unlock our fishing and there we go we’ve unlocked Fisheries but we need lumber to be able to build this so we’re gonna have to start that production chain up so we need a lumberjax Hut to actually

Harvest wood and then we need to turn it into Timber at a sawmill in this menu it talks about the amount of time it takes to produce the good that this building produces so here it’s 15 seconds for wood and it’s 15 seconds for Timber so for every one of these Lumberjack Huts

That we have we need one Sawmill so let’s build one of these the other thing to focus on here is the percentage that it’s giving us so if we place this here it will be able to harvest the maximum amount and I want to see the maximum

Distance away so I’m going to place it here and then I’m going to place a sawmill in our downtown area and we’re gonna move this back sorry people I know that you’re not gonna like this but that’s where I want it So now I’m going to place a sawmill up here at this corner and I want to zoom in and really get a feel for this building what if he wants to just rotate it around and then add a road right there so it’s on the corner but we’ll

Add a direct access there maybe we could have a lawn in front of this in the future and then we want to build our fishery so this looks like it’s not being built and it’s not and that’s because we’re missing the lumber we need two Lumber and one hundred dollars to be

Able to build this so until we have that it puts us in Blueprint mode and then in the future we can use the upgrade button to actually build this this is a really nice part of this game you can plan things out so you can go into blueprint

Mode and let’s say you want to figure out exactly where all of your homes are going to be but you don’t want to actually build them yet watch this it’s not spending any money to do this but it’s allowing me to lay things out and this works for everything so I’m gonna

Come through and do my fences everything okay and we have become a quaint Village and that means that we’ve unlocked more buildings in particular we now have Schnapps and we have clothing so if you recall those are some things that make our citizens happy she just wants to be

Clothed that makes sense right now she’s got none so as a result we are going to get stuck here stable population will never get workers so we need to create this and then schnapps I believe is a luxury good yeah it’s a luxury need but that’ll make her really happy so she

Just wants to have a drink and be clothed I think those are reasonable requests and to me a sheep farm shouldn’t be super close to your city so we are going to build it a little ways out here maybe start a nice road going uphill I’m gonna speed things up because

We’re not producing anything and we desperately need to and while we’re waiting for this to produce more timber for us it’s a good time to look around and start planning things out a little bit and what you’ll see is that there are some resources that are going to be

Incredibly important to us clay oil oil lots of oil iron Limestone and Clay so we’ve got a lot of stuff available to us that said we’re gonna need to work our way towards a couple of these things obviously the clay is going to be probably their first one but I think

That the iron is also going to be very important right off the bat we’ve got enough money I’m gonna build some roads over to those areas just so I don’t forget about them the other thing that this does is helps me think about warehouses warehousing we could have a warehouse in this general

Area and share it between these two resources so those are the sorts of things you need to think about up front now that we’ve got plenty of Timber we can slow things down and that is something that I’ve learned in this game you gotta be patient because if you’re

Not you’re gonna break things and the couple of times that I’ve played I’ve failed half of the times I will really admit that we’re gonna see if we if we fail this time I’m hoping not I’ve learned a lot and I feel confident in my newfound abilities here we go no

Warehouse in range we need one of those the reason I didn’t want to build this right away is you’ll see that it has a 20 maintenance cost we’re already negative 38 so these are all things to keep in mind when you’re building things this should help we’ve still got a lot

Of farmers that need jobs and I’m building more housing so that’s not really helpful hopefully we can get this going now there we go and then I want to get working on our Schnapps and our clothes so we this right here we built this sheep farm so that we could get yarn or

Wool rather and then we’ll take this wool and we’ll turn it into clothing and again this is a one-to-one relationship so this should work well for us I’ll put this in our downtown area kind of near our lumber mill and again I’ll give it space and now let’s work on our schnapps we

Need a potato farm and a snob schnapps Distillery so we will make a potato farm over here I’m gonna kind of mirror what I just did here and I’ll use the eyedropper to clone a house over here is that necessary no not at all but I think

If you’re building a farm it only makes sense to me we have a home near it now for this it’s very similar to the Sheep you gotta click on the building and build the required accessory building so in this case it’s filled in this one it

Was a pasture so we’re gonna build a field here and it’s up to 72 tiles it doesn’t have to be 72 but it can be up to that so there we go there’s all 72 looks good now I left some gaps there because we are not giving up on our

Fencing ever so some people could view that as you know me being a little crazy I say that this game is enabling my crazy and I appreciate it and then over here for this one I’m going to look at them a bit of a yard

I just love that you can really get in the weeds here so I could say I don’t want this we’ll demolish the stuff that’s in their yard and then we could go into our temperate forest and let’s give them a cherry tree that look at that and we’ve unlocked

Some new buildings we’ll need to take a look at what those were oh fire station our buyers friends in this game so I think that we should probably make this centrally located I think we’ll rotate it and put it right about here and we also have a pub but we never built our

Distillery just yet so we’ll do that oh and actually we’ve got a newspaper so let’s take a look at the newspaper a new company takes root that’s cool bankruptcy not so cool General mood deteriorates very uncool so the paper will actually have a direct impact on

What the citizens think of me so like you can in Tropico I’m just gonna finesse things a bit well I hypnotize them you’re happier than you think I love it and then consumerism spend your money spend your money that will help us not go bankrupt we’re going

To publish that there we go used up some of the influence he didn’t like the alternative facts that’s that’s all right you’ll deal with it oh I gained influence words man so I guess I’m good I want to add the newspaper is even more effective we’ll keep everyone uh having

Some Schnapps and then maybe they’ll be completely fine with my crazy propaganda that I’m spreading and I believe that our Distillery is close enough yeah we’re we’re good they’re missing workers though so we are actually if you look here we have more jobs available than employees so we are gonna go to this

Right here it’s our upgrade icon and all the stuff that we planned in we can just kind of come along and upgrade it so long as we have the materials for it which we do so I will build it and there we go our little neighborhood is all ready for us

And there we go just a couple more houses some bigger Lots right on the coast and a nice rainy day so we’re still losing money which is really disappointing I’m hoping I didn’t over build anything I don’t think that I did and I’m hoping that we are finally

Moving up there we are that little arrow means that we can upgrade this with four lumber and we can upgrade this to a worker which is awesome because it opens up a whole new supply chain for us it’s pretty exciting in my estimation I think we need to build a pub before we

Worry about the workers getting jobs because everyone likes to get a drink every now and then especially folks here in Wisconsin so we’re gonna build one right along the coast let’s make this a feature in the community let’s make this something that people really enjoy beer

Garden of sorts and I my favorite beer garden and the only one I go to Madison is right on the water so I’m going to uh give our little citizens here that same privilege and I want to decorate this it looks like we finally opened up our

Modest Park so what that gives us the ability to do is place a couple of things like grass Shrubbery and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna Place some strawberries so let’s have a tree on the edge we’ll have some shrubs along here to fence things in and frame it

Some low shrubs in the front and then a bunch of grass oh there we go there we go can you imagine you’re sitting here and you’re just enjoying the view of the mountain you can’t see because the of the The Fog of civilization or whatever

It is so that there we go that’s that’s nice and we can even change this this person’s yard make it a little bit more fitting for this area foreign I love that look at that I was able to make a nice little yard for these people they got a couple of apple trees some grass what a great place to live right on the water right next to the bar everything you need to have a great day

I guess so now that we have that we need to start thinking about our next Workforce which is our workers so our workers have different needs and desires than our Farmers I I should okay I’ll caveat that we’ll click on this and they have the same needs but they have more

They need sausage Apparently that is what makes a happy worker lots of sausage so we’re gonna need to take care of their sausage needs by building a pig farm and I’m gonna place that right about here and same story I want to do a road

I want to do a house this is not because it’s necessary but because I just think it’s neat and then we will load this up and we’re gonna have up to five of these things so I went all the way around and look at that we’ve got a pigsty there

And it’s looking amazing which is something that it’s never been said ever before so go for it not quite sure how this ends yet so I’m gonna leave it you could always have an extra arm here maybe we have a gigantic Farm but for the time being we’ll just

Leave it like this and that will give us all of the pork that we need and we take a look and we get a pig every minute this gives us a sausage every minute but it’s unattractive and that is something to keep in mind unattractiveness that’s

Another reason why we put this out here if it’s gonna be ugly we need to hide it from people so that’s I hate as much as I hate to say it I mean that’s kind of the way the real world is too things are ugly we hide it from people and then

We’ll take this and put this out here and it didn’t build it went into blueprint mode which tells me that we’re missing something yes we’re missing bricks so we are going to build our Clay Pit that was one of the things that we were planning for out here so there we

Go get a road going out there and the Clay Pit gives us clay every 30 seconds and our brick Factory produces a brick every minute which to me means we need two brick factories for every Clay Pit so let’s do that foreign to see where our road is now these are

All upset no Warehouse in range so we are going to place one now that is a under the farmers small Warehouse here and I want I want to place this so that it could be used by everything here rotating around with the period button and I’m just gonna put

It here let’s put it here and I think that we’re good insufficient Workforce oh yeah look at that negative 90. we have n in our labor pool and we have a hundred in our job pool so negative 90 is our balance and the thing to remember

Is for workers every house has at least 10 people so let’s look and see what is needed nine people are here they’re Mar it’s the marketplace they’re mad at me about my Marketplace placement I could relent or I could build more housing more densely I’m gonna just build a

Market over here it’s probably the right choice even though it’s gonna cost more if I build a bunch of housing I know the way this ends I I’ve experienced I have had that story happen friends and it’s not good turn it into kind of like a Marketplace

In the park and we’ve got this gate here so inside of our decorations we’ve got this beautiful Archway Place one on either side it’s Splendid Gateway costs 200 bucks doesn’t really do anything besides make me feel good then we have this elephant wow that is fancy yeah we

Can do that we’ll have a traveler’s kiosk actually that really belongs down here and then oh this looks like it’s a plaza building set Okay so there are dirt roads coming here dirt roads in the middle but boy is this fancy whoa everyone loves this that’s what they needed they needed a fancy market now I gotta pay attention every time I upgrade one of these I lose farmers and I gain these workers and I’m

Almost at equilibrium give myself a little bit of Headroom and then I’m gonna convert a couple more and that means that we need to immediately build some more housing for our farmers and I’m gonna Place those right downtown we’re gonna have some dense housing and I’m out of resources

I’ve made a mistake oh and a nearby building doesn’t have access what is that is it the is it that did I not give no they have access they’re good oh no oh I know what the problem is it’s way too far away so let’s Mulligan this thing

This is a way to handle your problems oh no we have to retrain the fireball okay that wasn’t a good solution don’t do that this is Brick oh that’s brick too well that’s why Chicago has a lot of brick buildings a big fire and one of the

Reasons I wanted to spread these out is I didn’t want to burn the city down but apparently it doesn’t matter so we’re gonna just burn down all right now we’re in action we’re mobilize and it you know I know it’s 1800 so we’re going slow but

Come on guys can we pick up the pace and then I’m gonna speed this up because I just I I just hate to see the fire and there we go the fires overcome we are good we are good okay with that I want to come back over here to our farm

Because we can now make some sausages and make all the workers happy so we have our Bricks now and that was what was holding us back before we get seven bricks we’ll build this the bricks are important for a number of reasons so bricks allow us to take our warehouses

And upgrade them we need 20 Bricks 20 Lumber and a bunch of money and then we can store things at our warehouses more things at our warehouses what is wrong insufficient Workforce we need some more workers and look at this all these farmer homes that I built meant to

Maintain them as farmer homes they want to be upgraded so I’m here for it I think that we’re gonna do that and we are now a port town so that is exciting we’re at Port town because we’ve unlocked some new buildings so our new buildings include a

Church Brad buildings and then we have a bunch of Harbor buildings and then we have some protection so there’s a tower defense Style game in here as well mixed with a bit of sieve tropical however you want to look at it but we need to defend ourselves because those other

Civilizations could come and start to try to take us over we don’t want that to happen with that in mind I’m going to take a little bit of a Beat from our community and let’s send this guy around a little bit kind of a lonely position out here

So right now it says it’s patrolling we’re gonna assign a route I’m gonna go to the other end of the map and we will drop a pin and now we’ll see this ship start to head towards our pin and I want to start with our bread production line

And let’s look at this this Farm will produce grain every hour we need two flour Mills for every farm that we have that’s maxed out and then one Bakery so all things to keep in mind we just want to keep a nice tidy production line if

We can or editor Phil here to say that hindsight is 20 20. I probably should just build one windmill and leave a little bit of extra grain production to fill up the silos that we’re gonna build in the future at both our sheep farms and our pig farms And now I’m gonna build wow 144 we can go 144 so this is a significantly bigger farming area And interestingly I didn’t have enough lumber for this house but we have it now so we’ll build it there we go looking good now we need our Flour Mill and again we need two of these I think ideally this would be on Higher Ground I don’t think it actually matters yeah it

Doesn’t really matter but it matters to me I’m gonna place this over here and we’re in Blueprint mode again and that’s because we do not have enough lumber we’re getting close though we’ve got money and we’re producing money so we’re good and there we go we got two of those

That is part of our supply chain that is filled in your Farmers would like some flour to improve the recipes I just did that I just did that but we need a bakery for anyone who doesn’t want to bake things my wife is a baker I am not

And I would need a bakery so let’s do it and this is gonna be another one of our downtown worker type uses that said am I doing something no this is fine this does doesn’t produce any unattractiveness but I’m curious what these other ones I don’t think it’s

Unattractive I guess we’ll find out down the line foreign and then I’m gonna place this right about here road to that now we are out of farmers so let’s keep moving on our Farmers we’ll continue our street here I kind of want to divide this in half I

Think that long block lengths are bad and no we have a long block length because that’s what we’re doing and I can see that we are beginning to bottleneck at our Timber which makes me think that it’s about time that we improve that portion of our supply chain

I’m thinking that we extend a road up here and I’m going to clone this and I’ll put this right up here that gives us our Max utilization and then I want to move this one just want to not overlap and then we’re going to need a warehouse as well

Because we are now too far away from this Trading Post I’m gonna put the warehouse right in this general area actually we’ll put it over here I think we’re gonna have to and now that we have two of our Lumberjack Cuts we also need two Sawmills easy enough eye dropper it

There we go there we go and this will give us the what we need to get some of these more of these homes built because that is our limiting factor right now you can see that for Farmers we are just struggling there we go now we have a

Nice little setup here we got some Farmers everything’s looking good and everyone wants to upgrade but I want to hold back I don’t want to get overly excited because that’s when we cause some problems in fact I am a little bit concerned right now that all the new

Farmers are gonna need clothes and Schnapps and at some point we could end up in some trouble because of that so we’re gonna pause on our building of farmers for a moment and focus on this other stuff so now we have our bread production line a church I think a

Church is a luxury let’s double check this soap is a basic need and so is a school so to get this oh we actually need 300 workers so that that’s three more homes upgraded and then we are going to unlock everything else so we’re gonna do it

There we go we have steel beams soap production chain and weapons oh look at that silos key to animal husbandry alright so we can build silos now for our livestock which will speed up our Farms so that’s exciting let’s see what Trinity infiniti’s Farms can achieve and yeah right here we have a

Silo it’s a thousand bucks it’s 10 bricks now we can store grain right here from our grain field put it right in there and we’re good and look at this we can actually upgrade our warehouse we’re gonna do that too increases our maintenance costs money we’re just

Spending all of our money look at how nice that looks no grain here so that oh I just threw our whole supply chain out of whack so I might actually need to build another Farm because we’ve had this perfectly sized for the bread so I think we’re gonna be not as efficient as

We were over here we’re seeing it already they’re running out of flour so we’re just gonna need to increase the size of this and I’m wondering maybe we just do something like this yeah I like that the only thing I don’t like is I’m now realizing that I double

Fenced everything because this field actually comes with its own fence and I put another one on the outside apparently I’m really concerned about people breaking into the farm I do like that the two Farms combined though so that is nice we should have plenty of wheat at this point in time I

Want to look at our Harbors though and build some of this so we’ve got key walls I’m not gonna worry about that this Shipyard I really would like to build some ships and then we’ll put our Shipyard right here and what else can we build a Depot that’s the storage

Capacity being improved we’ll do that too why not so our Shipyard built right away we had the materials for that we did not have the materials for our Depot we’re down on some clay so we’ll have to wait for that we should also build our sail

Production chain and we need to build a farm for this too I’m gonna rotate this around and this one will just butt right up against here and then we’ll build another sheep farm over in this general area foreign Quest We’re Not Gonna deal with diplomacy at all today so I’m gonna

Reject this I’ll tick her off and she’ll have to get over it because we’re not doing diplomacy today just don’t attack me please so now we have what’s necessary to build these we needed some bricks let’s build our Depot and the fun thing about this right now again this is

Basically a warehouse it looks like you just dropped a bunch of stuff off here but we can change the look of it that looks really great in my opinion for our sail makers we are going up we’ve got what we need we’ll build that as well

They’re going to oh the paper we’ll get back to that see what the paper says everyone’s happy we could I think we can do this people are content Shipyard has been built flying machine that’s pretty cool publish it and we will let that go so that is a complete supply chain right

There we are at a nice equilibrium here let’s build the Trade union so what this does basically is give a bonus to certain types of buildings and one that I know it gives a bonus to is our factories over here and our clay uh our clay mine so I’ll rotate this around

And I will select this right there that is going to do the trick for us okay so let’s keep it moving and we will go into our steel supply chain couple things that we need here iron charcoal Kiln furnace and steel works so we’re gonna produce iron right here at the mine and

I think this is going to need a ton of workers maybe not the mine so much but yeah the mine needs 10 workers the furnace needs 100 and the steel Works needs 200 so we’re gonna need to be really mindful there maybe we should do our soap instead we could do that

So we’ve got a pig farm already but really if we want to maximize this we’re gonna have two soap factories a rendering works and then two a pig farm to line up to make sure that our supply chain makes it is as efficient as it

Could be and why don’t we just kind of mirror what we did over here all right so we’ve got another pig farm we’re gonna have a rendering works and I I think we’re just gonna put that right back here oh see one problem already we’re gonna run

Out of space because I want to have a silo back here as well and for this we need steel so we’re back to our steel beams now that said I want to say that we have a little bit I think it’s in a dumb place we’re gonna stop you from patrolling

We’re gonna come you gotta come back home and give us our iron beams back steel beams that wasn’t very smart I should have emptied those off the bat that’s a very valuable item and instead of using it we’re just sending it around the world so let’s get back to this production

Chain over here we can build this now we needed our bricks we got that filled this and then let’s look at the rest of the production chain here we can handle this we can handle this we can do it and we need our charcoal count this is what we need

To do is realize that I’ve spent way too much time building things and not enough time focusing on our budget and we are about to run out of money because I’m not at an equilibrium always be mindful of this I was not I was over building

Things and you gotta calm down and make sure that you’re always making money to go on something I don’t think it does I think this just needs space yeah this is this works almost identically to The Lumberjack so we’ll just place that here use S and find a way to get

Here and this should be close enough that we’re using that same warehouse which is what we wanted to do and then we have our furnace which is going to create pollution I need a ton of workers we don’t really have any I’m going to move these out here

We’re gonna build both because we’re gonna need them both and now we have a deficit we need nine homes converted to be workers which means that we need to have at least a few new Farmers as well so that’s where we’re gonna start we’ll build some new Farmers homes and I think

We haven’t really had any homes over here I think that maybe we’ll start with a couple if there’s some more Farmers for us and now we can upgrade we’ve got a ton of lumber so this is going to be fairly simple I wonder if I can just

There we go so now we are at equilibrium with our workers which is helpful but we are at a deficit for our Farmers thankfully some of this is a little misleading because right now if we look at these got four four farmers in there

We can get way more in there so we don’t necessarily need to continue to build we should be okay eventually same thing with these now we’ve got more workers moving in so he wants soap he’s dirty I get it I’d want soap too did we get our

Boat over here ah it is here I want to take this off so I think we’re going to our transfer menu and just move this over we could probably yeah we’ll move some of this Timbers while there’s no need to have that in the boat baby we can build this no

We are out of money oh no I should have been paying attention no money all right so I will just turn off something like this furnace is not helpful oh I’d love it if I could downgrade some of these workers so that is something I can’t do anything about

Because we need lumber for that and money too I believe you believed wrong my friend please stop panicking it’s not that bad we got way too many workers and this is a dangerous spot to be in where you just kind of upgrading and downgrading I really we really need a

Trading partner okay he’s got a delivery he’ll give me almost 4 500 if I do his delivery request Eli I’m gonna trust you I probably shouldn’t he needs of 10 steel beams and six bricks I don’t have that really that’s what you want from me so I’m gonna go into the transfer menu

See if I can take all of my protection off and then we’ll take our steel beams back and we’ll take some bricks back and then we’ll head over here we’ll sign a patrol route come right here okay and we’re here let’s see how do I deliver this

All right I right Mouse clicked and he says is it in hand yep it’s in hand there you go oh he likes that that’s cool now we’re friends so I have a little bit of money now and everything now I’m making money too perfect we’re gonna send you on a patrol

Route even though you have some of the goods that we have oh there’s something here you go over here and we’ll go over here and now we are still short on regular old farmers and what’s the problem over here you’re unhappy oh oh we’re a little far away

From everything now now there’s a way that we could resolve this and I think it’s with a pave Street let’s see if I pave this street I don’t know if I have enough that should improve the speed and access now she’s content now she can almost reach the market things are okay

So that should help us out we’ll get some more Farmers moving and we’re too short and we’re just not making any progress so that makes oh clothing clothing clothing all right that’s the problem you got to keep an eye on these Supply chains because they start to

Break down as you add new people so we will add in another one of these sheep farms I don’t want any more people though I think we might just ignore that and we’ll just just have a sheep farm and actually what we’ll do we’ll pretend that it’s part of this one foreign Fire erupts and bankruptcy sir that is a terrible paper for me so distraction hypnosis and consumerism everything is wonderful so now that everything is awesome we’ll publish that instead because we’re gonna have a riot if we have that published in our paper and Barrel loves that she loves that I’m

Telling lies that’s great over here I think this is where we were I think we we destroyed one of our ships and she’s mad at us she’s gonna need to deal with that I don’t even know what to say besides we gotta Escape oh we’ve got we’ve got some

Good stuff on there too so let’s get out of here go to this end of the map and hopefully Ann does not attack us as we make our way around I think she’s real mad at us though so we’re still low on our farmers and it’s because they don’t have

Clothing so we will build another clothing Factory over here there we go there we go so we are making lots of things I think I meant to add this earlier because I had it oh I did I started I added a second sheep farm but I never finished the supply chain so

We’re kind of cannibalizing that because we have one right here we’re using some on our sail makers so I actually need to have one more of these there we go and of course we’re short on workers so this isn’t helpful and over here we’re not getting more Farmers

Because they don’t have any clothing so that’s kind of a chicken in the egg thing because you guys gotta work please work and I was wondering why this wasn’t drying and it’s because again we are out of money this just kills me the lack of farmers is brutal right now and it seems

Like no matter what I do it’s not quite enough so we are short basically nine farmhouses although we’ve got some Farmers over here that just aren’t leveling up so maybe we just need to downgrade some of the workers we have so many oh I actually gain I thought that I

Had to pay Lumber and I gained Lumber back if I downgrade these so I’m gonna downgrade some of our workers to Farmers and we’re losing population for that but that is equilibrium and now this should bring our balance closer to where it needs to be the maintenance is just brutal right

Now I don’t know if we still have to pay for this when it’s off we don’t so the maintenance is off there so that is helpful for us I’ll turn this off as well and basically anything that we don’t need going gangbusters if I just turn it

Off maybe that gets us back to where we need to be yeah like these these right here are really expensive I got two of these going that’s what we needed to balance things out but having two of those has meant that we are spending a hundred on Flour Mill production so

That’s that’s pretty expensive we’re not even making ships right now so this is really expensive let’s let’s turn actually this doesn’t do this doesn’t cost us anything but we turned off our sale making and now we’re making money again and then we should also be able to turn off one of our Knitters

Because we needed the extra knitting for our sales so equilibrium again lots of extra workers all right we’re close to an equilibrium what I think we really need is a trade route desperately a trade route I know that it’s gonna be really difficult to get a trade route

Established with any of the islands before we pay them money to be our friends so knowing that let’s just Patrol and see if we can find a route to the old world I wonder he’s looking for soap and potatoes at worms Bay at the prison we can do that we’ll go from our

Island to the prison Island at worms Bay and at our Island he’s looking for soap and potatoes so we will give him we don’t have soap we want to have soap but we don’t have soap we’ll give him soap though we’ll say that we’ll give him soap and we’ve

Got six potatoes great and then we’ll take it off here but we also need this to go back and empty what it has so I paused that trade route for now because I’m gonna wait for the ship to get over here and then I’m gonna send it

Back home to empty out its cargo and then we’ll send it back over with potatoes and our ship just kind of decided to sit here I don’t know why oh it’s on our trade route already so I’m gonna wait for our ship to get back here

And then I’m gonna empty it okay so I stopped our route we’ll open up the transfer menu and I will steal everything that’s on there I can’t take this off though that kills me at least we got the other stuff now we should be able to resume the trade route that took

Some potatoes and we have no soap but but we are making money again for some bizarre reason and maybe yes we can build our rendering works and get back to making some soap oh we oh shoot shoot that needs iron too so this keeps oscillating up and down

Which to me means that our population is unhappy for some reason I am gonna finish this because I was working on this before and then I’m gonna try to not do frivolous things for a while which is really hard for me because I just love doing

So many silly silly things in this game just kidding fences are expensive we’re gonna not do that so our Sawmill production is in a bad place because we are at capacity at our warehouses so this is a place where we can trim the fat so we will do that we will pause all

Of these and they’re not that expensive but it is money and then if there’s anything else that I see is not working like right here the storage is full so our sheep farm adds not very much money we’re just gonna let that one go so knowing that or we are trading

Potatoes away I’m gonna build a potato farm or two there’s no Warehouse in range oh and now we have that we’re producing some potatoes this should help our financial situation that’s the main reason why we did this otherwise this is a lot of potatoes yeah

And I just wanted to take a look at our ship real quick to see what it’s doing and what you can see is that it’s got 19 potatoes on there and it’s made its way over the prison let’s see if it empties those it does we got 600 bucks we need a

Thousand to be able to build our steel making plant which kind of unlocks everything and I think will get us back to where we need to be the other person we could trade with is down here this is the crown let’s see what they need they

Are looking for coal oh if only we had oh well okay we’re gonna modify our trade route so we’ve got a route here and if we add on one more destination the crown we are going to load up charcoal and we will unload that here there we go so that

It would help us out quite a bit and that will give us the ability to come through here and re-enable this and we now have the money to build this we’re gonna do it even though we’re just burning cash because we desperately need this now we are down on our workers

Which is fine let’s upgrade some of these farmers Oh my goodness we’re at equilibrium again ah oh that was really a challenge and of course it was just fleeting but it feels like we’re making some progress what is your problem no Warehouse in range are you kidding me buddy that’s no so when we look in here we can see

Everything that’s stored in here we’ve got some iron that’s being turned at the factory that would be turned into steel we have no steel so we’re using all of that so we got to turn this back on that is another 100 workers so we are short there again we’ve got to

Go and upgrade and I’m going to slow this down because we are going to we’re starting to run into trouble with everything which is at where it’s the good kind of trouble though because it’s the kind where we are able to grow again and over here let’s add in some more

Homes again these will be some dense puppies though and these ones are going to want to upgrade basically immediately I’m guessing we are going to upgrade a couple of these and that gives us overhead to turn on our Factory all or our mind there we go now we’ve got this full supply chain

Here which is what I so desperately wanted entire time and we are rocking and rolling now so we’re making money we have the ability to upgrade some of our warehouses and we’re gonna take that here and I’m gonna finally upgrade all of these and apparently the fences have been

Ridiculously expensive and I shouldn’t have been building them but I just love them so much so I had to go for it all of that said I think that we’re in a pretty good spot as far as things are going right now because of our trade

Route so maybe not something we need to be super worried about you can see that things are really starting to open up for us and I think that this is probably as good a spot as any to leave it so I’ve really enjoyed working on this

Today I think we need to to take a look at this in a little bit more detail all right just wanted to get rid of the user interface for a minute and admire the city because this is such a pretty game so much Rich detail in here you can zoom

In forever and see folks walking around really feel what it’s like to be in here and it’s just such a pretty game I think that this is a really fun game this is one of those games that kind of sucks me in it Blends so many of my favorite

Games uh different city builders are different genres supply chain production management sorts of games I really like that kind of game so this this scratches that itch for me so I would say definitely think about checking this game out so I really want to again thank Ubisoft for providing me with access to

The game and for sponsoring today’s video and I want to thank you for sticking around with me and watching me build this city I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this if you did please hit the like button if you’re not subscribed to the Channel please consider doing so and in the comments if

You want me to continue building this little Community let me know and maybe we’ll stream it sometime because I could see this being a really fun game to stream so let me know thank you so much again for joining me I’ll see you in another video take care bye-bye foreign

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