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فيلم: مالیات ها، انتخابات، GIS 6-20-2023

Title:مالیات ها، انتخابات، GIS 6-20-2023 مالیات ها، انتخابات، GIS 6-20-23 قسمتي از متن فيلم: Good morning everyone I’d like to call the meeting for the Texas election GIS committee um to order if I could do a roll call Walter roach or Joe acid Craig Emmett is not here Doug Traeger here Doug Finley Smith […]

Title:مالیات ها، انتخابات، GIS 6-20-2023

مالیات ها، انتخابات، GIS 6-20-23

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Good morning everyone I’d like to call the meeting for the Texas election GIS committee um to order if I could do a roll call Walter roach or Joe acid Craig Emmett is not here Doug Traeger here Doug Finley Smith here Matt slager here um we have some visitors Crossing Tom Walsh

Jennifer Ebner Ebner I wouldn’t say that Janelle Clark um Karen Miller Don Johnson and Jim stellage but I have a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes theft and Joe all in favor and I don’t think there’s anyone here for a citizen comment so we will proceed to the treasures report yeah

Thank you thank you good morning good morning we’ll start with um Public Safety as we usually do for the month of June you’ll see it was up 5.1 percent it was up 16 000 from the previous year so once again all the numbers on the public safety is continue to go up and

See throwing Ultron going down yet so which is good so excuse me allergies uh as far as the second page as the tax bills we sent them all out on the 31st uh the first due date will be the sixth of July and the second will be September

۶th and just from the numbers where we were last year to this year uh we collected it was 251 million and went up about 10 million this year so uh we did send out over 67 000 bills and the first um distribution to the taxing districts Beyond July 7th so

Any questions on that any questions so far as far as our investments go we have uh one of them CDs came due actually over the weekend and I’ll be renewing that today I’m anticipating we’ll probably go with the 13 month or 12 month I know the rates

Are at four or better so I would anticipate that that’s what we’ll be with who Federal uh Bank actually they just called me right before I came up here but I anticipate that will be over four percent when we renew that so overall our yield is

A little bit over four percent and then once we renew that one I think it’ll um be a little bit higher than that also so we don’t really have anything coming to do till July 19th and we have a few things coming due in August so I would

Anticipate you know over the next six months or so we’ll have hopefully everything up over four percent so did you ever anticipate no not this quick 18 months ago I would say you’re nuts if you were going to get four percent on one year but that’s where they’re at so

Actually a lot of the CDs that we were able to get on The Brokerage side or they’re still um a little bit over five percent so um the ones that come due in August hopefully we can get close to that on those two so the local banks in the the

Brokered CDs we get typically are about a one percent difference so okay um but you try to keep as much money as local as we can so and on the reverse side just has the couple other CDs that we have that we placed um through Public Safety so

Those yields are a little bit higher I’ll say that oh yeah so yes Doug yeah the back or certificates that we have um that we’ve brokered through um actually those are through the first group is with Mike posetti’s group and then the public safety the ones where they had some money quite

A bit sitting well in cash so we invest some of that too so why is that broken up from the stuff because it’s it’s separate it’s not from general fund monitor oh this stuff is from uh yeah the front pages are the general the journal fund

Because I wasn’t sure for us but right it’s segregated separate okay yep okay do we have um any other questions for Jim if somebody have a motion to accept this report in place later um Joe and Walter all in favor and I know um we actually have okay

Doug have you gotten to The Treasure of Guild yet okay all right so as soon as um okay yep thank you very much thank you okay Jennifer um good morning everybody good morning excuse me alrighty so for the month of May we showed an increase of 427.88 cents compared to April

Most of this is reflected in marriages and credit card purchases but this is down 576 dollars and 23 cents from April of 2022 but it’s still very very close um in perspective so as far as elections um I’ve worked with the State’s Attorney’s office as well as it

Um to come up with an RFP for new equipment for elections hopefully we’re going to have that finalized today the tentative bits um are to be returned to Amanda and the County Board office on July 17th um and then the plan is to bring them to committee on July 18th

Um to open them up my office is working on getting ready to do the purge which is where we send out new voter cards to all registered voters in the county um this also helps with cleaning up the voter rolls and things like that um I’ve been made aware of some possible

Errors in some fire districts and departments um through Colin yeah I always want to say Colin or call it yeah um from Colin and um so we’re in the process of um fair enough they belong where where they show they do or not on the map there was 374 parcels

And I’ve reached out to most of the districts already and I’m waiting to hear back from them if this is where they go or if they need to be if I need to reach out to a different District to see if that’s where they go for sure um they have agreements among themselves

That we’re not made aware of in the county apparently so that’s um So and I’ve been told this could go back as far as like 20 years that this could be this way from 20 years ago or so so yeah um nothing recent of why it’s happening or why it’s uh that way

Um we did receive a 16 000 and sixty five dollars sixteen thousand sixty five dollar check um for reimbursement of election judge um we have not from my understanding received the two grants back for the roughly 84 000 but um we’ve been approved for those so I

Just waited for the checks to come back on those ones um and then I’m going to be working with my election judge here um and the very new near future um of placing the judges um where they want to be so this last election we sent out a questionnaire to

All the judges who worked to find out um if they’re willing to or if they want to stay in that one Precinct or if they’re willing to move to a different Precinct if we need um so we’re gonna get a head start on that early this year

Um so when it comes closer to the time we know exactly where we need people um and and uh and hopefully get those filled quicker we need almost 600 judges this time for both elections in in 24 so for each election I should say oh five five people 119 Precinct so

It’s quite a few um and then a reminder um our next election the presidential primary is going to be March 19 2024. um and if you know anybody that wants to be an election judge have him contact my office I’m still putting that out there

And then um we did roll over to the treasurer’s office on May 18th okay what did you uh how would you advertise the property for the election I haven’t yet oh I have yet yeah once I get the approval from um from the State’s Attorney’s Office in I.T then

Um I’ve talked with Amanda she’s going to publish it for me and we’re going to do a question and answer session so none of those people what’s that the vendors um they’ve already know that it’s coming so they know to watch for it oh okay yeah yeah there’s only three in the

State that I’m aware of um and I already told them I will let them know when it’s getting published so they can watch for it um and then if there’s anybody else obviously they have to look in the paper because I don’t know of them to reach

Out to them to let them know okay thanks thank you any other questions okay not um reports for everything no legislation updates nope nope okay but I have a motion to accept your report and place on that and Doug and uh it’s still working with those

Bills Doug I’m done okay I gotta give them the best okay all right well then Jennifer okay thank you I paid for you too reviews for the report I’m sorry um I have a motion and a second to accept the review sort but I neglected to say

All in favor so all in favor um thank you good morning go ahead want to wait for the bills or um I did want to explain the bills a little bit um you’ll notice there are so that’s just There is 1875.60 and bills that we’re paying out um we have in the past had an escrow or our customers for um copies we have changed the way we are doing our accounting our building and so we’re doing away with that escrow account so the monies that were held in our account

For those copies is now being refunded so that’s why you’re seeing that 1075. we do have a few more that we’re still trying to contact to let them know that they need to um that we’re going to be refunding that money to them and they need to make a

Decision how they want to go forward when they need copies that our new system that it’s it’s true Fiddler but the new system we’re doing is automated they can um just like they go online and do their searching they can now go online and request copies and then get a monthly

Bill and send it before when they wanted copies they would call the office or we would go on Lorena get the copies and then we would deduct the money out of the funds we had held so that’s why you’re seeing that live demo so any questions on any of that

This is newly implemented yes we just started just started in June 1st doing that so um trying to get all the funds that were being held for those copies refunded to it everybody so that’s that that’s that large amount that you’re seeing there for the bills

I said we still have a few more that’s not all of it but it’s the bulk of it so we’re hoping to get that changed it’ll now make a little easier for our girl that does that monthly invoicing um for our it’s connected to our Laredo searching where people has subscriptions

Um but now they can do a print only subscription like type thing where they can get copies so it takes a little um pressure off some of our girls for getting those copies for them and then instead of billing them for every time they do it they get one monthly billing

So it’ll be better yeah hi let’s see what else we get here I’ll go through that stuff later okay let’s go through my reports here first page of course is my uh monthly comparisons for my documents um so far since December 1st we’ve recorded six thousand four I’m sorry

۵۲۳۵ documents that is down from previous years oh I just read you April I’m sorry 6464 for me so there’s a difference from um last year at the same time we had um recorded eight thousand nine hundred and Seventeen so we’re down quite a bit okay that’s understandable with the real

Estate market we don’t see that coming back anytime too soon so with that recordings for may we recorded 1229 for the month of May out of that we had 713 more paper documents 516 were e-recordings and timeshare documents were 122. still working on our back endings at

Indexing as we will be for the next how many years we have 451 990 documents in there which means those have all been scanned girls when they’re when they’re not working on daily walk-ins they work on getting those documents indexed which makes our online searching um being able to search back farther

The radial subscriptions uh we have 70 total tapestry searches for since December 1st through now is 3016 and we have one Monarch subscription and that is Dwight publishing for those that know the publication that comes out that shows all the recordings that’s the company that uses that subscription and

What they do is they’re getting our bulk data on that so they can fulfill that report property Fowler 1561 signed up we have 500 veterans signed up and we have 30 businesses signed up or any questions on any of the document helps or anything any questions

The next page for the month of uh May we’ve brought in 84 924 for the general account thirty thousand eight hundred eighteen thirty two for the equipment fund and 41 810 for GIS for expenses for the month of May 64 276 dollars and six cents out of the general fund

Out of the equipment fund eighteen thousand nine hundred and seventy five dollars and eleven cents so for a total revenue for um for the month 157 552.32 and expenses 83 251 17. any questions next page just my comparison for the budget let you know where we’re at for the um general account 562

۲۷۳٫۷۵ at 43 of what we budgeted for for the equipment fund 171 290 40 of what we budgeted for for GIS 217 568 we’re at 33 of what we booked before for expenses out of the um General 401 519.64 or at 43 percent and I have the equipment fund 126

۴۳۲ ۱ and that’s set 34 percent so we’re a little as far as the revenue were downloaded and what we budgeted for is paid me back any questions in any of those so then last pages oh no so then last page is just their summary dashboard that we give out just

Give them a summary of The Office and I’ve let you know where we’re at overall okay um couple things um I spoke last month we are going to be doing some Renovations in the office um Whitmer Interiors is doing that I have signed that contract with them now

Um I’ve been in contact with Bob from maintenance and John from I.T so they’re very aware of the things that we need that we’re going to be doing and kind of working with them to get everything done um basically we’ll be taking out that long counter

Um we’ll be plugging in a counter that’s going to block off the office so that um people won’t have free access to just come in and go throughout the office they’ll be some doors put up and then the counter space will be so that people will come in we’re also going to be

Taking out a few of our public search stations we have seven right now we do not need them all with so much of the documents now online um we we never have that many in the office searching at one time so we’re going to be eliminating them making a

Little more room and making the office a little more secure for the importance so I’ve already signed that and given that over what else we want to talk about oh um where’s that money coming I budgeted from the equipment fund I budgeted 30 000 for that the bid can’t the contract for Widmer

I think it was 17. yeah yeah 17 860 and 70 cents um Bob wants us to get the counter out as soon as possible so we can see what the carpet’s like underneath that counter I’m kind of thinking there isn’t any but that’s been there a long time so we may

Need we may need to do something about the carpet so um they’re telling us I signed this on the 16th they’re telling me six to eight weeks for Widmer so I anticipate we’ll probably be getting that counter out of their high within the next month or so

And then we’ll just be ready for when they come with all the equipment okay Aaron if there isn’t any coffee there will probably use the rest of that money then for on purpose for the carpet that’s what we’re anticipating okay um this is there any situations where your

Records are going to be put in a different level of storage where because you’re going to have them online so many of them online now to have to keep them but do they have to stay where they’re physically available at all times or can you you know put them

In a different classification all of our documents are in our vault which of course is in the back of the office we’re not changing anything back there at all yeah okay and we do have to keep those documents of course we have records going back to the 1830s all

Those books and the plots and that are still there people still do use those so we want so we want access what will happen once the office is done it’ll be it’ll be it’ll be closed up they’ll they’ll have access to that room but it’ll be by Us opening the door instead

Of people just being able to freely come in and and go throughout the office um it’ll be different for a while because our office has kind of been pretty free for people just to come in and roam through so it’ll be you know it’ll be a change for a little bit for

Them to be more confined right there and then only go back when they need to go through the vault well the older documents the uh I mean have you abundant anything so far where you’re picking up uh properties in like rugby County because at one time I

Believe you know we’ve covered part of Grundy County Bank in the early 1830s I think it was but uh I haven’t come across that the girls haven’t said any I mean they’re constantly working on um indexing the old documents people will you know notify us at times that you know there’s

An error or something and you know clean them up right away but um no we haven’t haven’t seen anything like that because they’re years back they get some of that yeah from other colleagues to research saying that they couldn’t find something yeah they do get confused at times they

Think because they think a property maybe is in LaSalle County it’s not it’s in another County I think what’s helping a lot is there used to be um there still are a couple counties that still write in the books they are not online but I think most of them even

Like I know Putnam County just last year came online and um bureau county um came online so you know they’re starting to pick up and that makes it easier for people to search because sometimes they can search online all the different counties right so it makes it makes it more efficient okay

Um I had my legal description class on June 18th we had it in the EMA building we had 17 attending um I think it went really well I had a lot of good response from the people that participated it was all the girls in my office plus I opened it up to a

Few other counties within my zone and they came too so um it was a class to help the girls understand when they’re indexing the documents where those meets and Bounds properties are located some of them caught on real well to drawing them out other other ones they

They struggled but but I think at least now they all have a little better idea of where they’re putting these documents when they get them and they come in and it meets and Bounds so I was very thankful that Walt Adams from Fidelity National presented the class and Christine Sparks from Illinois Land

Titles Association was there also on hand to help during the class time because it was a Hands-On class drawing out the legals and then also a thank you to Wheatland title um for supplying us our tools they supplied the engineers roller some graph paper the protractors and stuff like

That of course so the girls could learn to do that and then of course Fred Moore for allowing us to do it in the in the EMA building which was great with the big U-turn they were able to um have a PowerPoint and then also you know freely move about to help everybody

With with all the drawings um let’s see oh on my schedule here I’m out of town travel um Freya I’ve gone to that in the past years again it is again coming up at the end of August this year it is in Omaha Nebraska the amounts on here are all estimates

Uh one thousand six hundred and seventy one dollars I’ve been watching the air flights I think I I can get it under I think under 500 for sure around 400 but I wanted to be sure enough that I had enough and it was a little bit fun so

Is that is that something they have to vote on or does that go forward okay and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about legislation but you want to do that first okay this first time all right so I gave everybody the summary yes okay all right um Karen is requesting

Um uh we have any questions for her about it you’ll make the motion to improve okay a second challenge okay all in favor yeah so I will be sending out um the form that we will be approving and I will need your signature on this okay for him okay

Um legislation as you’re all aware they just broke up and uh Springfield the recorder’s office did have a bill that passed it’s Senate Bill 2227. what that bill is it’s kind of a cleanup language for the recorder statute the statute that I always went to before was a section

۵۰۱۸ and that section is no longer there with the Senate Bill 2227 they’ve got a new section that’s going to take over that what it does is um for those that have been here for a while years ago the fees in the recorder’s office when someone brought a document to our office

We paid so much money for one to four pages then we counted pages and that was how we arrived at the amount of the recording fee in 2017 18. can’t remember we came about with predictable fees and the intent of that legislation was to do away with the counting of pages so

Um what happened there was we did um five classifications so that someone brought in a deed it was a straight um it was a straight 68 dollars and um if they brought in a mortgage I think it was 71 so we just had four different fees out there and that’s what they paid

As long as the document fell on neurostandard document there was there was um standard qualifications for a document to fall under that but it gave us the ability to get away from Counting Pages most of the time the recorder’s office received a document that did not fall in that

Standard requirements we felt in our office it fell back to a non-standard fee which was the traditional fees that we counted pages still kind of complicated for people so what the legislative committee wanted to do was they’re trying to get us all away from the accountant Pages completely

That presents a problem for our office because we have a lot of big documents we have a lot of blanket assignments that come in of course our timeshare documents that we just had the cost study on um I what I’ve done is I’ve sat down with Pat Herman he’s going through the

Statue at this time and then we will have to make a decision it could come down to another cost study um the new legislation does allow us to um it doesn’t allow us to count pages but it does allow us to add two dollars for every parcel right now

When we do like a blanket assignment we charge 19. so that is according to a cost study that was done years back way before I came Okay so we’ve got to figure out now if we follow the statute completely is our office still going to be meeting our needs

So uh Pat’s going through the statute we’ll have another conversation we’ll decide um I do think I do not have a problem with not counting Pages anymore so we still count pages I don’t have a problem with just dropping that that’s only a dollar per page

I do have a problem with dropping the 19. I think that that could be detrimental to our audience so we’ve got some decisions to make we need to do some looking into um if we do need um of course we’ll bring it back here be up for discussion decision we make

But I think we’ll just take one step at a time see what path has to say about the new legislation coming through most of the bill if you look at the Senate Bill 22 2227 it’s pretty fat most of his cleanup language um but then the section on the fees is what

Really is changing Thursday we go to um the clerk and clerk recorders zone four meeting um it’s going to be hosted by Putnam this cap this time so it’s pretty close it’ll be at Spring Valley Boat Club will be there for most of the day or I’ll be there for

Most of the day in the morning we’ve got our Zone meeting in the afternoon Fiddler is doing some presentations um as I’ve discussed here before that um grow housing support that extra nine dollars goes into effect July 1st some counties are struggling with that because the way the legislation was written some

Counties are taking that extra dollar south county is not we are only increasing ours tonight but July 1st that does take effect I have been out visited Banks title companies attorneys I’ve taken different days and went I went to Streeter I went to Grand Ridge I went to LaSalle Peru just last

Friday I went to Mendota just to make sure everybody was aware of it they didn’t have any questions Um I feel good about LaSalle County about our customers knowing what’s going on and getting the new rates so July 1st everything goes up one dollar nine dollars so deeds will be 77 to record um easements and miscellaneous documents will be 77 mortgages will be 80 and leases will be 82.

That um Senate Bill 2227 I should say that does not go into effect till January 1st so we got a little bit of time any questions about anything else yeah I just wanted to mention that of course study I should say uh they’re so critical in relationship to defending the entire issue because

There are challenges that come up yes on those fees and it just really it covers everything you know and that it costs a little money upfront but it’s just the idea and I I recollect one that took place a number of years ago on marriage licenses and it was challenged

And the challenge won therefore uh we had to go back through the books and contact all those people and refund the money that was due to so and it works the other way too but it works the other way for just out you know and especially with those large documents okay

And one thing in there is in the um Senate Bill 2227 it talks about plots and maths I think it’s like they want us to charge a hundred and 101 I’m not sure and then two dollars we charge like 129 right now and then charge 19 for parcel

So you know I I know we’ve got some decisions to make we need to look at it have a close look at it and you know that’s why I talked to Pat and he’s kind of looking at it I’m sure we’ll have a discussion on and then see what’s best

For our office I do know that um some other Counties have recently had cost studies done full cost studies because remember we had the one call study done for the timeshare documents and that was five thousand dollars I do know a couple counties that are recently going through the cost studies right now

Um because of the cost studies because of the rhsp fee and they were anticipating this new legislation coming down and it was about seventeen thousand dollars so it won’t be cheap oh yeah okay it does cover of multitude yeah yours as far as that goes in the long run it protects the economy

Also yes it’s like by the church you might say because of the fact that you know these lawsuits do come up occasionally from different groups and they’ll consumable or anything and that’s one thing that they definitely will and we often have people that call and you know say well in the statute it

Says this why do you do that and you know and we of course back our cost study that we’ve had in the past years but you know it it has been a lot of years since since we’ve had a full one done sure um when I came in in 2016 I think assassin

Um assessment no somebody had just had one yeah it was assessors we had it from GIS because when I came in 2016 that’s one of the first things I did was make sure the public knew that we were we increased the fee for GIS but that wasn’t a full

That wasn’t a full cost study in our office I think that was just basically your fees for GIS wasn’t it and then of course I had one last year done for time shares which this kind of throws a rent a little bit in that too

Because we do that by a tiered system so you know we have that too we have that to go back on but all we did on that was the um was the time studies we did not go into all of the document documents so um brought that to the

Board so we passed them too so yes it’s uh you know locked in that way so you won’t be the only one that goes through the board well and that’s what that’s that’s why I come to you guys I don’t want to go along but that’s one of the things I know with

Pat is looking at is it see you know how are cost studies are gonna then this because right now we don’t fit into this new legislation yeah absolutely that’s all I got okay any other questions sorry Joe you know don’t want me to do that because I have a motion to accept your

Report and place on file Joe yep and that all in favor and then Karen has some of those if we would like okay numbers and foreign Walters and Doug all in favor all right hi and we are going to read Walter yes yes all right all in favor

And we’re on a roll we’ll do GIS bills and get started okay could I have a motion for that Walter and Joe all in favor okay there was a bill or something do you remember anything about that or did it pass or have any effect on this um

Okay it was something that was supposed to be made more fair okay but I know there was a bill there in my body that gone to the government thank you all right good morning everybody um so uh the GS technician and Supervisor assessment’s office Grace uh

She resigned a few weeks back so we’re working on assisting bringing somebody else on board so in a few different things we’re helping with um we’ve posted a job ad um we’re going through the resumes as they come in kind of seeing who who we

Think is good and you know who I was good candidates who’s not good candidates uh we’re having an interview this afternoon with one of the candidates and then the other thing that we’re doing is we set up the county with our we call our TMS ticket system which is

Basically is tax map maintenance so basically what we’ll do is we’ll fill in for for updating the maps until we can bring somebody else hire somebody train them and get them up to speed so we’ve added the county into that system so that they can submit basically requests back so so

What happens is when a document is recorded if it’s a split combination subdivision plaid Etc instead of going through the supervised assessment’s office to be updated it’ll come to us it will perform the updates on an interim basis and then once we hire somebody then we’ll train that new person

Um to make the updates so that’s kind of something we’ll be working on here over the next I’m not sure how long it’ll take to bring somebody on board it’s not a fast process somebody will may have to you know make an offer they’ll have to take the job they’ll

Have to start so it may be a couple month process or maybe even more before we can bring somebody fully up to speed to start updating those Maps again so any questions on that yeah uh the highway department we did get feedback from the project we’re doing

With them and we’re working on uh performing those updates uh GS website still continue with minimal issues um and working on the website implementation uh EMA the functional needs survey we we finish our internal testing we just need to get that to them to to have them review it

Um James District Maps we’ve created those Maps we’re just waiting for any feedback that may be there and then the field District the fire district map we did get the the we were able to whittle the list down to about 375 parcels we know there’s some false negatives in

There if that makes sense so what we tried to do was there’s certain areas where there’s large gaps because there’s no fire protection districts in those areas so we tried to weed the list down as much as possible we know there’s more problems in that 375 but instead of giving a list of

Thousands we tried to reduce it down to 375. so we know there’s going to be more work after the fact but we wanted to try to get a small list as possible uh to the county clerk’s office and we worked on getting the users in we create a

Website that they can go and review the information so we’re just waiting for any feedback from that I believe everybody’s in is that correct Jennifer you know okay so we’re just waiting for any feedback that that would need to be had after they can go through that list

Um we’re able to create a much smaller project we can eat down to that 375 parcels and then the last thing is I took it off the report with the trail maps and we finished that project if there’s any questions or anything any information needed on that please let me know

So any questions anybody has found yeah yeah a little concerned about the fire district that’s from the standpoint of not all fire districts not all proper ambulance so you’ve have you gotten into that split or is that anything that’s been brought up here no it’s not that’s probably managed more through the

The Sheriff’s Office so that’s probably more Kurt’s area than than ours curtiasm we’ve not been involved with that because ambulances are not actually taxing districts yeah they are not typically they’re in both the fire districts well they can be separate though oh they can be yes but I mean and

Then you are rural departments they’re you know if they’re in with the Department right but they don’t have to be part of it right it’s a little different they don’t have to be they are a taxi entities that they got the authorities so yeah if there’s anything that’s

Needed on that that’s not come past our way so if there’s any assistance we can provide there we’d be happy to implement any other questions yes on a drainage District Maps yeah what’s the intention the future intention how detail um so let me try to parcel or yeah so what

We’ve done is we’ve created um the basically per parcel for those so to give a little context terrains districts are a little different in that a parcel can be typically for a district of parcels in one District with drainage District it can actually be multiple and it could be a part of a

District so what we’ve done is produced Maps based on the information for the drainage districts but but the parcels that are contained within that drainage District that distinction makes sense so what we’ve done is produce paper maps or PDF maps that can be printed and then if there’s issues within those Maps will

Help kind of clean up same thing we did with the fire district so um basically what you do is when you’re visualizing the data you can see that there’s holes or gaps in the data or things might be coded incorrectly so we’ll go ahead and and try to identify

Those problematic areas that can be resolved in the in the underlying database so so now the detail would have just be for the drainage District the arteries the main arteries no it’s so it’s the it’s not the so it’s not the the actual drainage it’s the boundaries of those

Range yeah so the the yeah the extent of it the overall we don’t do anything with the actual like drainage information like the the details inside of it yeah yes yep that’s any other questions any other questions but I have a motion to accept his report and place on file

Joe and that all in favor thank you thank you yeah we’ve got some bills for them foreign let’s see uh June 15th is our big deadline for the assessors and they all met the deadline so happy to say uh they all turned it down all of them but this year was our

Quadrennial year and believe it or not we had quite a few assessors that really did do a lot of parcels I know one of them turned in about seven thousand which was huge so we I don’t know for some reason 2023 has been a good year and the assessors I’ve actually been

Working really hard so we’ll we’ll figure it out come out once we get our reporting done it takes us about two to three weeks to get all of these reports uh uploaded into our system so we’re currently working on that and as we’re working on that Abby and I are both cleaning up

Those reports so it’ll be ready for Equalization later on uh the Border view has turned into the treasurer’s office 361 cfes for the 2022 tax year so far we have received 12 actually we’re up to about 15 applicants now and today is our last day for the clerk 4 position so we

Hope to start interviews next week and get someone before the end of the month before a person retires uh we’re entering interviewing one applicant today for the gis position so we’re hoping that goes well and as Colin said Bruce Harrison Associates have been helping us with um drawing our Maps

Um our splits under new partials and that kind of stuff for us until we do find someone so it’s really all I’ve got does anybody have any questions trying to approve her report and place on file dothraker and Joe asapinski all in favor aye thank you

I know ceilings do you ever run a report that shows what what the actual models were but it actually you might say cost as far as tax dollars are concerned I think you’d have to get that to the treasurer’s office I’m not treasurer’s out of the clerk’s office right well I

Mean we have we know what the you know what exemption it is or that kind of thing but we don’t we don’t track that we just actually do the C of E and pass that down to the assessment yeah it’s a reductions yeah yeah but I mean that’s the only thing that’s interested

Is what the reductions no we don’t keep track of that you probably have to check maybe your office Jim no I mean we turn the CVS into them they actually process them we don’t do any in the processing yeah well it’s just it’s just a cost to own medicine way we could

Defend any shortages that we might have that would come up with an old test this field I I went in no time I’m sorry okay all right maybe I’ll stop it okay okay sure nothing else for this meeting entertain a motion to do with your dreams she should just say my name

Walter all right all in favor

Time: 1687316604
Date: 2023-06-21 07:33:24
Duration: 00:56:35


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