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فيلم: شهرسازی تاکتیکی – برنامه ریزی با انجام

Title:شهرسازی تاکتیکی – برنامه ریزی با انجام در این ویدیو در مورد شهرسازی تاکتیکی، همچنین به عنوان شهرسازی پاپ آپ، تعمیر شهر، شهرسازی DIY، برنامه ریزی با انجام، طب سوزنی شهری و نمونه سازی شهری صحبت خواهیم کرد – یک تغییر موقتی و کم هزینه در محیط ساخته شده در نظر گرفته شده برای بهبود […]

Title:شهرسازی تاکتیکی – برنامه ریزی با انجام

در این ویدیو در مورد شهرسازی تاکتیکی، همچنین به عنوان شهرسازی پاپ آپ، تعمیر شهر، شهرسازی DIY، برنامه ریزی با انجام، طب سوزنی شهری و نمونه سازی شهری صحبت خواهیم کرد – یک تغییر موقتی و کم هزینه در محیط ساخته شده در نظر گرفته شده برای بهبود محله های محلی و مکان های تجمع شهر. #شهرسازی #شهر #شهر برای همه #شهرسازی تاکتیکی #شهرهای پایدار #پاپ آپ #خودکار #تعمیر شهر #urbanistyka #شهرسازی #فضای عمومی #خیابان #جامعه #parklet #planningbydoing *** کانال ما را توسط Patreon حمایت کنید –

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Well you want it for the next videos topic and tactical urbanism one so let’s talk about how to improve your city quickly and inexpensively and welcome to all new subscribers one of the urban planning tasks is to make cities more comfortable and convenient for their residents to do

This it is very important to understand the needs and problems of this residents so you have to do research before making any changes and after research it looks logical to start designing but when it comes to human behavior there is always a risk that something will go wrong and

The price of mistake in such cases is very high therefore in order to avoid unpleasant surprises it is better to test your ideas with a method of tactical urbanism first essentially we create a one-to-one scale model on a real street and give people an opportunity to interact with it

Meanwhile we can observe this and draw conclusions how do people behave are they comfortable are there any problems or surprises this will give us an opportunity to make the final design better and more convenient for people on the other hand people learn about future changes in the city long before they

Happen and can make up their own minds about them also these methods can be used to temporarily transform space for example to turn an ordinary Street into our creation area on weekends and temporary furniture made of pallets or another reusable items are perfect for this case another option for using tactical

Urbanism is low-cost local improvements of Street space initiated by local residents or businesses themselves of course residents cannot rebuild the streets but they can put a bench near their house and use it together with their neighbors and cafes or shops can set up a small parklet with places for

Rest landscaping and bike parking and now let’s go for examples we already mentioned parklet so let’s start with them in general this is the arrangement of a small public space instead of a car parking lot The Filling depends on your imagination and needs but the point is

That if necessary the structure can be quickly dismantled or moved to another place in this way you can quickly and inexpensively make the street a little bit more attractive for people which is especially important for the streets of many car oriented cities by the way disappearance of this parking space will

Not make things worse quite often the problem is that people drive to large shopping centers on the outskirts while the city center simply dies out of course one parklet will not solve the problem but it could be a small step in right direction in order to make a chicane that will

Calm the car traffic it is not necessary to call a construction crew sometimes it’s enough to Simply put on the road concrete box with bushes inside and if necessary it will be possible to take it away in minutes and make the street look as before roundabouts can be made using

The same method just put a circle of flood barriers in the middle of the intersection and that’s it drivers can already get used to this new traffic scheme while you can calmly prepare the Reconstruction project and lanes for cyclists also can be made like this in previous videos I talked

About it more and now I will just repeat it briefly you can just fence off one of the traffic Lanes very quickly and it will provide same benefits for cyclists than a bicycle path built in a few months Tactical urbanism can also work on Greening the city it’s not always possible to plant a tree right away on the sidewalk you need to make a hole there may be some Communications on the ground but you can plant a tree in a wooden box and maybe transplant it into

The soil later when a place outside will be ready and entire squares could also be arranged in this way you can simply Place trees and tubs benches maybe paint the asphalt in bright colors and voila instead of asphalt field you have a space for people and those people use it

And enjoy life while you are preparing a full-fledged project of renovation so as we can see tactical urbanism is a strong tool of City development but also it’s quite important for communication and building a strong urban community residents can also participate in the process of creating of new space and

Thanks to it they will learn more about the city and get to know each other and that’s how City will become for them the place they’ve created and as for me this is the most important thing and that’s all for a moment if you liked this video please hit the Subscribe

Button and leave your comments and also visit our patreon page where you can support our Channel and see you in the next videos

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