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فيلم: شهردار کانزاس سیتی اسلی جیمز در #APAPAC16

Title:شهردار کانزاس سیتی اسلی جیمز در #APAPAC16 ما با شهردار اسلای جیمز کانزاس سیتی، میسوری در طول کنفرانس سیاست‌گذاری و حمایت از APA در سال ۲۰۱۶ صحبت کردیم، جایی که او درباره شهرهای هوشمند، عدالت و اینکه چرا منطقه هنری چهارراه کانزاس سیتی یکی از مکان‌های عالی APA در آمریکا است، بحث کرد. درباره منطقه […]

Title:شهردار کانزاس سیتی اسلی جیمز در #APAPAC16

ما با شهردار اسلای جیمز کانزاس سیتی، میسوری در طول کنفرانس سیاست‌گذاری و حمایت از APA در سال ۲۰۱۶ صحبت کردیم، جایی که او درباره شهرهای هوشمند، عدالت و اینکه چرا منطقه هنری چهارراه کانزاس سیتی یکی از مکان‌های عالی APA در آمریکا است، بحث کرد. درباره منطقه هنری Crossroads بیشتر بدانید:

درباره برنامه مکان های بزرگ در آمریکا بیشتر بدانید:

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Smart and connected cities technology and other forms of technology are absolutely vital to equity in cities because this is a digital world when we think of infrastructure right now in Kansas City we’re not just thinking about concrete assets and hard structures we’re thinking about informational and digital infrastructure

As well because by the use of that information in those digital connections people are able to access jobs are able to access healthcare they’re able to connect in ways that they may not otherwise be able to connect so if we’re talking about a connected city city where everybody’s needs are being met

And everybody feels that they have value and access to the things that they need we have to talk about technology being a smart and connected city using the leverage that we were able to gain with with Google and all sorts of other things like that it’s just a matter of

Making sure that we’re not just looking at the obvious but we’re looking below the surface to make sure that people have information that will enhance their lives planners are an important part of building a connected city because if we’re not looking at people who really know how things are integrated together

Then we’re going to go helter skelter and hopscotch and when we do that it’s inefficient is going to cost more and it’s less effective for the people that we’re trying to do all of the things that we’re talking about with technology and housing etc etc all of that is

Designed for one very specific reason and that is to enhance the lives of the people who live in our cities and if we aren’t having planners insistent and engaged in that process if planners are not doing what planners do so well and others can’t do it all then we’re not

Going to achieve the level of efficiency and effectiveness that we need and with scarce tax dollars we can’t afford to be helter skelter we’ve got to be pinpoint and focused and on point crossroads was named one of the great places in America because it actually is one of those

Great places and it is a product of planning it came about as a result of planners and the people in that community deciding what kind of a community they wanted to live in setting out a long-range plan and they implementing it ruthlessly over a period

Of time so that it became what it became now we need to do those same things in all parts of the city and crosswords whereas a desolate area for quite some time we have other desolate areas we need to find ways that the people in those communities can build the same

Types of communities as a crossroad not necessarily the same things but things that are enhanced in their lives and things that they’re they find important and we can do that by planning and working with planners to get it done a planner should work with city government planners should work in city government

We have to have planners integrated into the process because you know it’s not a matter of somebody coming in for meeting once a week we need planners there assisting and all the things that we do so that we’re looking at those issues as we talk about building assets we talk

About housing assets we talk about fairness across the board we talked about how do we integrate areas one next to the other those types of things having people who bring the skill sets and the eyes of planners in the city government will enhance the things that

City governments try to do which is to make sure that we’re providing services planners also look at services and service provision and that all has an impact and is impacted by the hard assets of the city so all of those things have to be integrated together

And in fact in Kansas City we have a program called Casey stat and in kc step we bring all of our departments together by subject matters not by departments but by subject matters so that planners sit in when we’re talking about public safety we’re talking about trash we’re

Talking about health and planners are there because they can assist in making sure that we deliver those services best well I first of all I think any planner with one of partner with a local elected official because we can open doors for them we can bring people to the table

That they want at the table so that they can collaborate with others but they should be in our city governments anyhow and part of our round tables where I speak with our people all the time our city manager is engaged but they need to work with elected officials because

Elected officials are the ones who helped carry the public sentiment about things and when we’re talking about planning sometimes you do a lot of planning but you’re not necessarily marketers and you’re not politician so you need to go out sometimes and sell what you plan to others and that’s where

We come in so we need to have that partnership and that symbiotic relationship

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