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فيلم: ساختمان و برنامه ریزی شهری پایدار (قسمت اول) | با همکاری شرکت Vacuum Wood Tech

Title: ساختمان و برنامه ریزی شهری پایدار (قسمت اول) | با همکاری شرکت Vacuum Wood Tech در این وبینار، سخنرانان شرکت عضو ما Vacuum Wood Tech دو موضوع را معرفی کردند: بخش ۱ به چالش‌های ساخت و ساز پایدار با چوب می‌پردازد. معمار Pekka Pakkanen، بنیانگذار معماری سیاره ای، به عنوان یک متخصص صحبت کرد. […]

Title: ساختمان و برنامه ریزی شهری پایدار (قسمت اول) | با همکاری شرکت Vacuum Wood Tech

در این وبینار، سخنرانان شرکت عضو ما Vacuum Wood Tech دو موضوع را معرفی کردند: بخش ۱ به چالش‌های ساخت و ساز پایدار با چوب می‌پردازد. معمار Pekka Pakkanen، بنیانگذار معماری سیاره ای، به عنوان یک متخصص صحبت کرد. در بخش دوم، سخنرانان ما توضیح دادند که چگونه کشت گیاهان در مناطق مسکونی شهری کیفیت زندگی ساکنان محلی را بهبود می بخشد. سخنرانان: قسمت ۱: Pekka Pakkanen، معمار، معماری سیاره ای قسمت ۲: Pasi Herranen، CTO، فناوری چوب وکیوم قسمت ۳: Panu Miettinen، CCO، فناوری چوب وکیوم

قسمتي از متن فيلم: It’s obviously there’s something quite quite temporary and and the lifespan of wood is stored or as a couple of decades but there’s not the whole whole picture in Japan they have they’ve had temples for hundreds and hundreds of years because the oldest tallest temples dead they have been rebuilt a couple of times

Already so they’re building using this technique where you can replace and elements and in a similar way in the Finnish culture we have had this Log House structures that that are like the ultimate circular Economy Way of construction where a single piece of log can be taken apart and then moved into

New places and that that’s also a strong part of our cultural heritage a brief introduction uh I’m an architect I I used to run an office called for 12 years and in in that office hours some of the approaches I was running also the the um deep designer of Allah

I was at the local partner the chief designer of sterlock History Museum in Manta and and the the local partner of the the winning entry for the Guggenheim Helsinki competition that was the biggest architectural competition at that time it had more than 1 000 entries and I’m teaching Timber architecture in uh in

All the University but as part-time teacher oh the the way that I the the reason I I started my what present office called planetary architecture was that that I sort of I hit a wall of maybe some five years ago our office was a high class Architects

But it didn’t feel like the things we were doing was answering the biggest questions that that actually our Our Generation should be tackling and um I thought there was a like a real real issue that there needs to be we’re going to affect what uh quite large like the effect of the

Archives and the construction field is is huge and and I think we should we should use that to the to the benefit of both planet and ourselves and the future of mankind the humankind and in this path of thought I just had to leave the previous office because the the road was

Things that I had to buy something new and uh it is as a starting point for this new path we took part in an innovation competition in in uh Silicon Valley it’s called the the organizer is called Express foundation and they they had this huge science competition called Philippine

Experience asking of what would be that the answer how do we how do we develop the Food Systems to to provide food for the next billion people that will be in 12 years and our test was not to sort of really solve the issue but but Define the question that the science Community

Should answer we we did it with two part of this competition for like eight months and we gathered a big team of societies both both from Finland and from from uh from California and to our power supply we’ve managed to win this and on this path we

Happened to learn quite a lot of the the future full production techniques and of course the idea was how this how this knowledge how could we mix this with architecture like the knowledge that I had previously and from that started what I started the office called planetary architecture and the the point

Of the why we call it planetary is that in every project we see in the planet as one of the one of the clients but the client doesn’t title have a voice so so we have to imagine that here’s one of the first projects for for solar Foods

That’s a village startup that is the other is CO2 from the air cooking it with bacteria and producing protein this uh protein powder that can be eaten and we try to we we built a demo Factory cause it for them and we try to build this out of wood and this is maybe

The first learning from from the or challenges of wood that in an industrial environment is it’s actually quite impossible to to have Team instructors as as the the fire hazards are quite heavy so we did a lot of study for for how could this be build a wood but in the end we

Just figure out that it was was impossible as in the next case for for the next semester uh oil company they organize an auto competition for for ideas for the future uh gas stations what’s the the oil is not being used for to run product costs and what will they do with their

Network of gas stations and our claim was a duty network of service stations so it would be several different services that would be prefabricated Timber units that are placed on the plot and one one special idea and this was that the oil and the the diesel and the the gasoline uh

Tanks are not hidden on the crowd so there’s no risk of leakage but they are hidden in this Timber box in the center of the courtyard and actually Timber is being used here as as fire protection material so there’s there’s such a heavy layer of CLD that it prevents the fire

From from starting one whilst the Flyers fire starts then of course that’s a different issue but but fire issues are somehow really Elemental for for wood and this and most of these issues are not actually usually see it in the light of the facts because the wood if solid wood is can be

Refrigerated to get Burly but once burst of course it does not much to do about it uh another issue or challenge with the use of wood is once you watching it really heavily like in a case of a parking garage uh how how would you how would that be

Built out of wood and as if you see a parking garage as like a uh archetypal piece of construction it’s it’s so it’s like the the element that that uh uh it is something that is like the most simple structure that where you can actually take anything out and it’s also

The one that has to be built to the cheapest so we made this uh this party called closet for the CPS of Helsinki and and panther keeping in mind that it should be as cheap as a concrete structure and it should be something that can be taken

Apart that you can add floors that you can have it with the prefabricated modular units that works a limited amount of different modules and in the end we managed to build this system so so that that it takes all the weather Lord the the size of that this uh

Um that has a lifestyle of 50 years and on the inside all the structures are completely solid wood it’s only the thin layer of moisture barrier on the floors that that is not wood and uh these two samples for his again and one that it looks like the Helsinki model will be

Built out of concrete because they’re used to doing that but this is one of the challenges of the use of wood that that has to try to bring something new to the market so it’s always there’s a big challenge of changing the system because the construction is about

Risk management and the risks are easily managed in the way that that people do what they have been used to doing it might be that they build this this first pilot project called for the timber party house and in this part of thought of the long lifespan

Um if you imagine the this first image of the Japanese Temple where pieces can be replaced this something is really typical for Timber that it has mechanical choice so if you build an office building you can build it out of a separate units that first first of all they have this

۵۰-year lifespan but once it’s in the it was in this elements are the end of their lifespan they can be replaced and in this mechanical way of joining pieces you can also add you can expand the building so this is a this is the headquarters of

Bears of wood that we are designed in Pierre back in uh Southern Finland and it’s it’s appealing that that is designed for for result to be 2400 square meters once it’s built but then it can be extended in three directions using this similar modular pieces it is the inside of the building it’s

Either quite an early design stage so now we just have the concept of building this Forest of Timber columns that continues The Forest of the outside little dance dance uh Park like Forest that where the seats and this is looking outside of the to the person to the to

The roads of the the timber industry and speaking of uh livestock one way to extend the lifespan is of course to reuse the pieces but another way in addition to that is that that these pieces can be recycled in the first place this is a an experimental future

Street project we did for the city of baseball last summer and there’s lots of thoughts about how the streets could be used but but maybe these as we speak more of wood this is the this little Street pavilion that we built for the for this exhibition or this uh demonstrate and all these

Construction elements are recycled already so the vertical parts are from Bridge construction site and the horizontal ones are from packaging industry and the glasses or the glazing is is from Office Buildings of this inside of his class was that that were taken from from one construction site and and all of

These units have been already put into pieces and recycled so there’s nothing left of this of this whole construction so these pieces continue their life in in different uses uh another quite central theme I’ve been measuring the fire the heavy uses the costs and the lifespan of wood but then this is this

Issue of the moisture that is that is something that is very typical for for wood or typical that it would cause structure that you have to be aware of is that there’s the wood should not be used in a in two bright environments but not in a two

Uh more as the environment either so we’ve made a couple of studies of building houses inside green green houses to this a Roadhouse for for their health information an hour and a half he is from where he’s from Helsinki and there’s three apartments that are quite

Simple uh would see at the boxes but they are placed inside a standard Greenhouse and the idea in this is that that we have this uh not not heated Greenhouse that that can where you can grow your own food for for three quarters of the year

But you could also use this space for for as an extension of your living room and in this project we learned that there’s there’s a bit of an issue with the the moisture balance that that like in real serious professional uh Greenhouse the the moisture percentage

Of the air should be something around 80 percent and with wood like 70 or 80 is more on the other on the edge of of the tolerance so it could it should never be more because then you might have start having issues and in this uh in a quite quite a

Similar sort of path of thinking we built a um we’ve designed this this closet for y foundation for the um biodiversity building this is an office uh this is a house housing block that has uh that is touching the ground as lightly as possible I will all of this

Is really fabricated we’re working on the on a plot to have first of these built in Helsinki in a couple of years but the core of the quality is that that we don’t without destroy the whole plot we prefabricated it with hairstyle the structures really lightly on light foundations and then inside the

Building there’s there’s this warm Timber heart with the apartments and then outside there’s there’s a um there’s a raincoat and a buffer zone with with a sort of a greenhouse on the top and and white corridors on one side so by having by building it like this if

If you have some some real biodiversity and some real natural values on the plot that all of those don’t have to be destroyed and uh the the leading corridors can be used as as sort of Extinction for the apartments everything to be like in this Royal

House situation and on the top floor you have we have the best views and the best Line This is the the leading area or the sort of conventional Courtyard or replacing the conversion Courtyard of the PLS so there’s the space point for growing growth board for playing for or

Getting together and all of this and and as a uh putting all of this together if you need to um deal with growing food or growing vegetables growing whatever Greenery and build that out of wood you actually you should be doing using some other products and then what conventional CSD

And uh question partner will be continuing for this topic but but this is something we did together with them we we built this uh concert for for a single family house that will be built of this this these elements and outside there’s there’s a covered roof Terrace for growing growing your vegetables or

Or just what about having this uh this uh like we Winter Garden and then there’s another other Terrace for for just extending the the living room and inside there’s this Timber word of opener partner that is quite applied and and super simple and this modular householder and that that’s

Playing around with the concept of this and thinking of if we would take this into production and thinking of what would be the market of this and then and maybe what one thing to add in this is that that would provide the food but not only the

Food but also the the opposite Universal department so it would be like the first oxygen uh um independent Department feeling uh sort of technology and I think there’s quite a lot of very special potential I promise in the element of of this but let’s let’s hear more from from the

Image out of that themselves so thank you

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