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فيلم: توسعه شهری پایدار – زندگی را پایدار کنید

Title:توسعه شهری پایدار – زندگی را پایدار کنید چگونه به مسائل مبرم توسعه شهری و تأثیر آنها بر شهرها در زمینه تغییر اقلیم از دیدگاه پایداری رسیدگی می کنید؟ با ما همراه باشید تا ابعاد چندوجهی پایداری شهری – فرهنگی، اجتماعی-اقتصادی، سیاسی و اجتماعی (و همچنین تعاملات پیچیده آنها) را کشف کنید. راه های بسیاری […]

Title:توسعه شهری پایدار – زندگی را پایدار کنید

چگونه به مسائل مبرم توسعه شهری و تأثیر آنها بر شهرها در زمینه تغییر اقلیم از دیدگاه پایداری رسیدگی می کنید؟ با ما همراه باشید تا ابعاد چندوجهی پایداری شهری – فرهنگی، اجتماعی-اقتصادی، سیاسی و اجتماعی (و همچنین تعاملات پیچیده آنها) را کشف کنید. راه های بسیاری برای رسیدگی به مسائل پایداری در سطوح محلی و جهانی با استفاده از رویکرد مبتنی بر راه حل را بیاموزید. بیشتر بدانید @


قسمتي از متن فيلم: Hi everyone good afternoon I am Prophet Bala I just want to give a snapshot overview of the second major in sustainable Urban Development which we had recently launched so there are three reasons as to why you should consider doing the second major at first uh this is the interdisciplinary second major is

Stackable to Yeti first major he could think of that we are offering in this University with no restrictions meaning this second major has no prerequisites second this is a only second major that focuses on sustainability cutting across various sectors including the built environment the environmental economy sector environmental sector

Transportation sector power sector and so on and its primarily designed to broaden students exposure to Grant challenges happening on a global scale and it is also designed to promote ah interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary learning and provide better career opportunities on top of whatever you could possibly identify based on on our

First major and last but not least the program also allows you to do double counting up to 16 units which means that you can also do a minor or a specialization on top of the second major all within four years with no increase in academic workload

Ah Believe It or Not by 2050 we would have about 10 billion people in this planet out of which about 7 billion people would live primarily in cities consuming a vast amount our limited natural resources I in turn we spit out about 70 percent of global carbon emissions in cities which would

Accelerate global warming and therefore it means that we have to take immediate actions to mitigate climate change by adopting practical strategies what are whatever that are feasible to us so the three important challenges for us to overcome first we have to reduce pollution of all types at different

Scales ranging from local to Global and we have the decarbonate economies which means that we have to contribute to economic growth with no carbon emissions and third we have to reduce the consumption of resources while we are improving our prosperity as a new term called ecosparity which is being

Explored in Singapore that means that we can contribute to economic Prosperity at the same time you can also protect our ecosystems yeah ah well the Civil injury program basically uh contributes to expansion of the built environment on the other hand the environmental interview program focuses mainly on the protection of the

Natural environment so you might think that these are kind of conflicting goals but at the same time the new program we have is sustainable Urban Development allows you to achieve these two goals at the same time by letting you analyze natural and built environments in urban areas and by integrating an approach

That will cut across various disciplines so that we can Implement transformational change not only in cities but also in other places as well now as you all know Singapore green plant provides sort of an opportunity for us to co-create solutions for sustainability that will cut across various themes for example City nature

Sustainable living energy reset green economy resilient future and of course green government as well so if there’s a strong need for us to have an academic program that will bring all these themes together Under One Roof which is indeed what is happening in our second major so basically we have a Innovative

Curriculum in place for you that will bring together various subjects for example green development which means that again economic growth with no pollution and zero energy buildings so you can construct buildings and they can also produce positive energy at the same time and because circular economy which

Is an emerging concept we got water food energy security being achieved together with production in carbon Footprints renewable energy which is something very important for all countries so the context of mitigating climate change and also becoming making ourselves more adaptable to the changing climate so how do we sort of introduce the

Curriculum uh basically we have four layers in our curriculum structure we have a foundation structure and you have to do your foundation module in order for you to have a firm grip on the second major and it is one of the modules that could be double counted so

Our college offers this course called eg2501 that’s a livable series it’s a compulsory requirement and it can be also double counted to the second major but if you come from other colleges no worries you can do the GE module yes culture of sustainability which again can be double counted towards the GE

Requirements as well as the second major then we have four core courses ah which will provide you with code competency in the subject areas relevant to sustainable Urban Development and then the third layer we have a bunch of electives so we have basically a basket or six electives out of which you can

Select any three electrics that are interest to you and we make a careful selection three electrics primarily focus on energy sector and the other three modules are courses focus more on the climate change truck or you can mix and match depending on what you are interested in

And finally in place of the integrated project that you are doing in the first major if you decide to do a cross disciplinary project it can be double counted towards the first major and second major alternatively you can also do some courses offered by different departments which again keep a double

Counted so all together 16 units equivalent to four subjects that can be double counted okay so in summary so basically you gain depth in the first major together with cross disability breath through sustainable Urban Development and the 16 units that can be double counted is more like icing other cake

So these are the comments are made by our students as to why they are so keen on joining our program so basically it leads to a win-win outcome in terms of contributing economic growth with sustainability in the framework as part of the background we have and again it

Provides a road map for a sustainable future and if you look at the career prospects you will realize that you got a lot more career opportunities than you would anticipate and again this the career paths cut across various sectors for example Academia industry and consulting firms and the possible careers you would

Like to pursue with the second major is that would be for example sustainability director sustainability city planner and then carbon footprint manager renewable energy manager and ESG specialist which is really coming up in all Industries across the world and you can also do green process design Consulting as well

So if you look at the typical job description coming from employers these days you will realize that it’s not focused on a single discipline and instead it requires students to have broad exposure to emerging subjects of concern uh globally for example decarbonization sustainability nature based Solutions and so on which we have

As part of this program now as you know Singapore would like to become a green sustainable livable and climate resilient city state which means that in Practical terms a lot more job opportunities being available in various sectors down the road and the second major would prepare you to to pursue

Career of your interest so and then I just want to sort of show you a quick video wow why the screening ah right the economy yeah it’s a roller coaster ride up down boom bust climate change is making the ride rougher you see the environment is the life support system

For us and for our economy we depend on clean air water and a stable climate that’s right without a stable climate we can’t have a prosperous economy climate change is already having serious impacts on our environment and economy some areas will sometimes see too much water other areas won’t get enough

Temperature increases will affect plants and animals driving some towards Extinction and they will threaten people too especially the very young the elderly and people that work outside high temperatures can also disrupt power and rail services all these events will have a high personal and economic cost we need to

Act on climate change if we want a healthy environment and a healthy economy the consequences of not acting now could be devastating but if we Act Fast the benefits will be enormous investing in renewable energy will create new modern Industries making businesses pay to pollute will encourage efficiency and Innovation making better

Use of resources at home will save money all these actions will reduce pollution by leaving fossil fuels in the ground in progress but we need to do much more and do it much faster we need to make the right choices to protect the environment and the economy spread the

Word together we can change climate change all right and the program also allows you to do your own carbon Footprints and it also do it for industry wherever you’re going to work so we have a programming place that will make everything simpler in terms of carbon analytics or carbon

Accounting and finally so this is a website if you have any questions if you would like to know more about the program I encourage you to look at the website or you can contact me and so I would stop here we have a panel discussion if you have any questions

Feel free to ask me thank you thank you

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