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فيلم: بیل سسانک، AICP، در گروه ویژه آب APA

Title:بیل سسانک، AICP، در گروه ویژه آب APA بیل سسانک، AICP، معاون رئیس جمهور در CDM اسمیت و رئیس گروه ویژه آب APA، در مورد وضعیت مسائل آب در برنامه ریزی صحبت می کند و به روز رسانی در مورد کار گروه ویژه آب ارائه می دهد. درباره کار گروه ضربت بیشتر بدانید: قسمتي […]

Title:بیل سسانک، AICP، در گروه ویژه آب APA

بیل سسانک، AICP، معاون رئیس جمهور در CDM اسمیت و رئیس گروه ویژه آب APA، در مورد وضعیت مسائل آب در برنامه ریزی صحبت می کند و به روز رسانی در مورد کار گروه ویژه آب ارائه می دهد. درباره کار گروه ضربت بیشتر بدانید:

قسمتي از متن فيلم: So since they’re playing conference last year though board of directors authorized the water working group to move forward for another year and at that time there were a whole series of recommendations that came out of the water task force that propelled a pays action on on water issues a wide range

Of issues so we formulated the water working group a grade of group of amazing individuals came together and we began to identify a series of initiatives five initiatives to be exact where we began to identify areas for progress for the American Planning Association and those initiatives that quickly are relate to conducting a

Survey of the APA membership with respect to water issues the second initiative if you will was advancing water policy guide for American Planning Association the third initiative was beginning to formulate some critical partnerships for the American Planning Association and the fourth initiative relates to developing some guidance for comprehensive planning as planners

Engage in comprehensive planning and sustaining communities activities throughout the country they mean more help on on components on comprehensive plans and the last relates to educational efforts and we’re looking both at trying to improve the kinds of water curriculum that planner is getting drive at graduate school and undergraduate programs as well as

Programs for practicing planners and appointed officials who are involved in planning and how they could begin to improve their knowledge of some water Misha’s so I would like to go over them sort of in a little more depth and tell you about them with respect to the survey that was absolutely amazing the

American Planning Association went out and to all the members and we received over 900 survey responses and this was not a small survey the survey contains 75 questions there were I think 16 or 17 questions that had fill in the blank answers so we were really gratified by

The response of the planning membership and providing the responses of their experience on water issues some of the results that came out of that where that planners are most involved in stormwater issues and flood issues which is interesting because it really relates to managing runoff and in terms of the

Urban and built environment they are also involved in water supply and wastewater issues but to a lesser degree and one of the interesting findings was that we suspected perhaps that plan Ares really didn’t have as much involvement and comprehensive plan incorporation of water utility work so new water treatment systems are new supply

Development or wastewater we suspected planners weren’t being consulted on those kinds of projects it turns out that they really weren’t but they also were reaching out to those utilities in developing comprehensive plans for four regions so they were incorporating the utility component in terms of whether it can find development or allow

Development to proceed in terms of availability of water utilities that was an interesting outcome some of the other results from the survey really involved the fact that eighty percent of the players felt it was a top ten a show ten percent of the Pirates felt it was the

Top issue for planners across the country which we thought was was a little amazing given the fact this is a well you know the American Planning Association has been involved in water for a long time but this is a relatively new development that they formulated a

Task force and began to focus and much more closely on water resource topics so that’s the survey results will be published to american planning association members very soon and we’ll be sharing that information with all the membership the second initiative is a water policy guide APA had developed

Some water policy guidance about 10 or 15 years ago and it was time to update that we worked very closely with a pays legislative and policy guide committee and formulated a whole series of new recommendations and the idea of that really is to begin to coalesce the the thinking of

Practicing planners with respect to water policy and this relates to regulations and funding and really how to promote a more of a one water environment and one water is a new concept that we’re beginning to advanced and also with some of our partner professional organizations like the water environment federation american

Water works association many other groups are involved in this but 11 water treats water as single holistic resources and recognizes the interconnected of that interconnectedness of that in an urban environment so it it’s really an important initiative that begins to think about what are not in silos of water supply wastewater stormwater what

Begins to think about it as a whole cycle and the effects and opportunities for water management in an urban environment so that was a sort of a very interesting focus of the new policy guide the other really important initiative is one that relates to the partnerships and I mentioned awwa in

Wife and their whole series of other organizations American Water Resources Association I’m sure i will get letters from everyone to only about not mentioning their particular organization but in terms of water study and research there’s one thing that that environment does not lack and that is it does not

Lack for research or involved groups there are a million groups out there i exaggerated slightly but there are many groups that are involved in water management and one of the issues for planners is being able to sort out who has the information we need to plan better with respect to the water

Environment so we’re starting to build some partnerships there are two research efforts underway now one is integrating water management with urban planning and design with water environment research foundation and other is integrating land use and Water Resources planning with the Water Research Foundation which works with em awwa so there’s some very

Interesting partnership initiatives going on and this is really one of the focuses if you begin to think of one water in terms of connecting all the water elements we also want to begin to connect all the water of management agencies and we want to connect scientists and planners and hydrologists

And regulatory folks and economists to really work on water together and that’s the partnership element will be critical moving forward and is a major cornerstone of our work there are two other initiatives I mentioned one is relating to comp plan guidance and we’re developing a series of recommendations

For an additional specific research that would go into a supplemental document if you will that would attach to a comp plan or attached to a sustaining communities plan and those would have specific recommendations for land use practices and land management practices that would protect water would promote wreath charge that would recognize the

Connectedness of water and less initiative has to do with education and I mentioned we’re looking at both the academic realm in terms of how to improve graduate and undergraduate programs and education specifically with respect to water and what we found actually we did a survey and found out

That many of the graduate programs to include water elements but only as part of a class not as a focused class within the program and we see that perhaps expanding in the future and then we were working with Carolyn format API and identifying a whole series of new educational initiatives that would

Provide webinars conference material publications that would be resources for planners in improving water practice so that’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to for the last year and we’re hoping that the word authorizes us to move forward with our work for another year APA has a very vibrant healthy

Communities initiative under way and there are a number of issues that come up have come up in the news recently like that in Flint Michigan that asked questions about healthful water healthful water supply protecting the public and you can see clearly that that the water environment and water supply

And wastewater management in the health of our rivers and streams that they be fishable and so on will all really connect to you know healthy communities there are two real issues that working group has identified over the last year one is the real need for an infrastructure bond act and

Infrastructure bill if you will that will help fund improvements in water supply and wastewater management stormwater management throughout the country we feel that that’s going to be critical in terms of rehabilitating communities like Flynn that that have some very antiquated infrastructure infrastructure it’s over 100 years old they’re disadvantaged communities there

Are whole series of social equity issues as development fled to the suburbs after World War two like flint were left behind in terms of infrastructure investment and rehabilitation so we see the need really to begin to focus on on healthy communities from water perspective both in terms of achieving

Better social equity and achieving better investment in systems and also beginning to bring some of the new tools from one water and green infrastructure management into those communities to help make them more aesthetic more vibrant and more energized spaces for those residents so I’ve outlined for you

Quickly or maybe not so quickly some of the initiatives of the water working group over the last year and the number of folks of s’s you know where we where do we go from here and I spoke to Jim dryland AP executive director last night they’re very excited about the work of

The water working group they’re very interested in moving this forward in a very proactive way they feel that that this really represents opportunity planners to connect even more so with communities with development process and with the infrastructure process that underlies most community development redevelopment we’re hoping that they

Authorize the word moving forward for another year and then also begin to move into perhaps a more formalized structure for supporting water planning at APA in the future there are a whole series of initiatives there the five initiatives I discussed earlier and each one of those requires continuing work we’re not

Really done with any of those the fact that we have a survey with 900 vonces and I think there are over a hundred and fifty individual responses giving us comments asking us for further action on specific water ages tells us that there’s much more work to be done

So we’re looking forward to continuing the work a peg appears to be very supportive at this time we’ll be looking to build new partnerships with sister professional organizations and and you know other resource agencies Noah in terms of their their work supporting the climate change and disaster recovery has

Been a key agency and we’ll be meeting with that Monday of this week so we’re looking forward to continuing this growth of the water planning initiative for APA

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