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فيلم: برنامه ریزی شهری در زرافه و کرگدن

Title:برنامه ریزی شهری در زرافه و کرگدن ___________________________________ پایگاه دانش زرافه ___________________________________ ثبت نام برای یک حساب کاربری رایگان در در بیشتر بیاموزید قسمتي از متن فيلم: Hey guys in this video I’m going to do another sort of long form master plan and giraffe get it into Rhino do some modeling […]

Title:برنامه ریزی شهری در زرافه و کرگدن

___________________________________ پایگاه دانش زرافه
___________________________________ ثبت نام برای یک حساب کاربری رایگان در در بیشتر بیاموزید

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Hey guys in this video I’m going to do another sort of long form master plan and giraffe get it into Rhino do some modeling in Rhino with Grasshopper and then export that um Rhino model back in a giraffe for public consumption so it’ll be quite a long video but it’s

Going to do two things it’s going to show you a bunch of technical stuff and I’m going to do it live so if there’s any mistakes or anything I’ll have to solve them in front of you and as I’m going it’ll show you like just how cool

Giraffe is and you know every time I use it I’m more convinced by how crazy cool it is all right so here’s our site and if I just shrink that away uh let’s do a master plan so I’m going to start off with some apartments finish the street block you know build

To the street and um I’m going to leave a little entrance there so these guys can come out to the park and okay perfect I’m gonna make another little Escape stair over there oh I lost it and this you know fiddling around with these apartment algorithms really cool

And then I am going to do a park in the middle uh that goes from the central Courtyard but then bleeds out into the street and I’ll just pull it off the walls and I’ll just make it a forest all right Happy Days and let’s just make this guy a little taller

And now let’s put some sort of connecting Street maybe an Avenue with a cycle Park path or something like that and cool move down a bit and let’s just finish this I’ll make that landscape just a nice little non-treed area play some sport and then I’ll put another I’ll put another

Apartment block down here okay maybe two 30 meter one and one more little the smaller one there we go I don’t know if that’s right but like do we want to maintain this the street wall or this little Gap here good I’m just turning some things into the

Core as well there we go okay I’m happy with that ah let’s put one more building just here Community Building two stories you know look at a sports field here so maybe one story and then I’ll copy it up and pull and put back so we have this like nice Terrace on the

Top right and that is a thoughtful little master plan and we’re three minutes in that’s this is a value to your client we’re exploring some numbers we’re getting getting our head around it that’s what I’m going to do now is I’m going to export this thing and get it into Rhino

And do a little modeling and I’m going to import export just the Geo adjacent this Geo Jason comes out with a special key called projected and what that projected key has is a it’s coordinates that are not in that long they’re in a local meter-based space um sent closely centered around to the

Origin so they’re like the internal coordinates the giraffe engine uses to do the calculations but if you use this scripture projector.pi we’ll reach and we grab those ones um which you know makes this really nice little model and I print everything out of course because I’m a good good coder

And there we get our little master plan now I don’t make the roads because the roads are created by the giraffe algorithm but I make enough and what’s interesting here is just look how much giraffe has given you right like so like if I okay so I’ve got 294 curves one you know

۵۶ poly surfaces four curved points in my selection but it’s incomparably poorer information poorer data than what giraffe has here you know like this we’ve got the the Contours and I could you know start adding more and more data here with you know without struggling at all flaw space ratio traffic volumes

Uh imagery whatever it is and and that data is not even like crappy it’s good and it can be you know I can fade it or back and and make it really presentable and beautiful if I want whereas if I need to get that information into Rhino it’s a bit of a

Mission because what I need to do is you know some something like this and then back to Rhino and then drag that image in there as a I get this option I think I’d bring it in as a picture I don’t have to do this there we go

And then we go to the top top the word top there we go um sort of get this and then you scale it into into position all right so now on Ryan only if you’ve got some contextual information but that’s for free right you just get that for giraffe this is fantastic so

Um all right all right now what I said I’d do is I’m going to model something and I’m going to model I’ve started doing it already I’ve got this little surface here that’s going to um represent a we’re going to say we’re going to pretend we’re going to pedestrianize

This street here and I want to make like this really nice Timber awning over part of the street in the middle like this and I’m going to do it like classic grasshopper Styles so it’s like this free form you know thinger architecture architecture so bring it a bit lower okay

All right let’s say we’re happy with that I’d say we’re happy with that it’s a bit High here it’s like you can see I’ve bought the level information in so this is like way high so let’s just lower that down ever so slightly so I’ll grab those control points and

Um Oh Me Oh My there we go there we go yeah two-story height over there there we go okay we’ve got ourselves a shape here’s our awning and in grasshopper all I’m doing is um I’m grabbing the the surface um chucking some ISO curves on it which

So you do the iso Curves in the U and the V and you just get this range component which outputs like a number of divisions between zero and one and because the surface is really parallel tries that goes between zero and one so the UV points are all between zero and one

And then I normally just go x y and just you know along the diagonal but uh because in this instance the surface is so very long I just got a wireframe you’ll see it a bit more clearly the surface is very very long and very very thin so there’s

Like quite a lot in the the X and the Y is there’s not enough so I’ll add some more lives so maybe 38 of them then I take those things I extrude them down to 700 and then I use this weaver bird mesh thickener majigger to thicken that mesh out then I

Unweld it and I weld it and I D mesh deconstruct it just because I don’t quite get it so I just do everything to it until it looks right and I get this thing that looks I get these I get these meshes and I’m just going to fix that end up so

It’s not as as Square and okay there we go and then I’m just going to bake these um actually I’ll mesh join them so I just want one big mesh mesh join and flatten that in bump to now I guess get one big mesh

And now just bake bake it in and then I will turn everything off come back here and go to shaded there we go now I’ll delete the surface the input surface because I’m not gonna around two turn off grasshopper okay so we can see this awesome shape and I’ve made this shape

Like organic just so you know it can’t be built in giraffe giraffe doesn’t do organic now what we do need to do is add a material to it so when we bring it into giraffe it’s got to have a material and that material is going to be a custom material

It’s quite a nice Runner doesn’t Okay and we’ll make it like a timbery yellow so you can go the whole hog with materials reflectivity glossiness bump Maps transparencies environment maps that this is this is good enough just a nice Brown and we just check if it’s there by

Clicking on the rendered Viewpoint and there we go okay so we do we we do have it all right look at this look at that nice Timber awning oh dear okay now we’re ready to export this thing to Rhino but before we do so we’ve got to center it it’s got to be

In the middle so um what I do is I’m going to tap the move and I’m going to go select from my rough Center I’m going to try and turn off snap disable all okay I’m gonna sort of go there and then if you type in zero and hit enter

It goes to the midpoint so if I click shaded now if I click wireframe now okay all right you have to give this picture okay but you can see there’s the the global grid there’s green and red and that sort of centered so now I’m going to go file export selected

And we’re going to do it as a gltf binary file that’s going to be awning.grb and I’ll pop it in the in the downloads folder and I just leave these the only way I know of getting it right is just export it once and then try again if it’s wrong all right

Now let’s bring it in so we go to giraffe and we upload this 3D model and pop it over there and we’re going to upload the file so new upload choose a file awning.jlb open there it is save all right all right you use this file boom hey now

Is how you get from rhino to giraffe now is there an advantage here have we added value I would say yes I think like often uh when we’re presenting Master plans and Designs Urban designs combination of of over developed and underdeveloped design is good you know so concentrating

On the public sphere is great and being able to communicate to stakeholders like the effort and the imagination that you’re going to deploy in making this master plan work for the public is effort not wasted um whereas if you focus all your effort on the design of the buildings and the towers

Which will be sold to private you know people um that’s not normally the right approach especially since this approval the design of these buildings is going to change throughout you know these big moves these big macro moves are going to be the thing the framework that gets put in and then each

Site will be developed under its own sort of Steam on its own program you know very well this building may be Consolidated into something like that or you know maybe it comes around this corner sort of minor tweaks to the master plan but this strong move of this really nice pedestrianized uh

Street over here that can be something that can sell the scheme now will this particular timberonic summer scheme don’t know don’t know about that probably not I would Hazard Hazard a guess but with 13 minutes in and two to recap we are we’ve spent some time on a master

Plan we have exported it to Rhino we’ve spent a very small amount of time designing in Rhino using grasshopper an object we then Center that object around zero and we’ve just exported as a glb and popped it into into giraffe

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