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فيلم: اصلاحات بیمه سیل و طوفان سندی: مصاحبه با چاد برگینیس

Title:اصلاحات بیمه سیل و طوفان سندی: مصاحبه با چاد برگینیس قانون Biggert-Waters که در سال ۲۰۱۲ توسط کنگره به تصویب رسید، اصلاحات جدیدی را ایجاد کرد که قصد داشت برنامه ملی بیمه سیل را حلال تر کند و با الزام نرخ های واقعی برای همه دارایی های بیمه شده، تصمیم گرفت. تأثیر ابرطوفان سندی، همراه […]

Title:اصلاحات بیمه سیل و طوفان سندی: مصاحبه با چاد برگینیس

قانون Biggert-Waters که در سال ۲۰۱۲ توسط کنگره به تصویب رسید، اصلاحات جدیدی را ایجاد کرد که قصد داشت برنامه ملی بیمه سیل را حلال تر کند و با الزام نرخ های واقعی برای همه دارایی های بیمه شده، تصمیم گرفت. تأثیر ابرطوفان سندی، همراه با آن اصلاحات، بر هزاران مالک دارایی در منطقه نیویورک-نیوجرسی و فراتر از آن تأثیر خواهد گذاشت و بسیاری را ملزم به ارزیابی مجدد راه های بازسازی آنها می کند. علاوه بر این، ارتفاعات پایه سیل پایه (ABFEs) جدید صادر شده توسط FEMA از آنجایی که سندی به بسیاری از آنها نیاز دارد تا خانه های خود را برای بازسازی بالا ببرند. در این مصاحبه با چاد برگینیس، مدیر اجرایی انجمن مدیران دشت سیلابی ایالتی، توسط جیم شواب، مدیر مرکز تحقیقات برنامه ریزی خطرات APA، بیاموزید که چگونه همه اینها احتمالاً بر بازسازی و بازیابی در نیویورک و نیوجرسی تأثیر می گذارد. ضبط شده در جلسه مشارکت ساحل دیجیتال چارلستون، کارولینای جنوبی در ۲۹ نوامبر ۲۰۱۲

قسمتي از متن فيلم: This is jim schwab i’m manager of the american planning association’s hazards planning research center and we’re down in charleston at the uh been at the noaa coastal services center meeting and uh i’m here with chad burginis who is the executive director of the association of state flood plain managers which is based up

In madison wisconsin both asfm and apa are digital coast partners and we’re talking today about the national flood insurance program as it relates to the issues with recovery from superstorm sandy up in the northeast and chad let’s start with some of the basics for some of the the people who are most

Affected uh by the storm in the northeast uh if a structure is damaged someone’s home is damaged what are some of the flood insurance ramifications for those folks jim first of all thank you for um for taking the time and and talking to us a little bit about flood insurance issues

Um if if a structure is damaged from super storm sandy uh it’s first of all most important that the folks file claim with their insurance agent now flood insurance is a little bit different than most normal lines of insurance your rates don’t automatically go up if you file a claim however

With flood insurance there are triggers that can increase your claim so if the structure is substantially damaged uh more than 50 percent of the value then the premiums can go up next time but there are some things homeowners can do to reduce that increase and those things

Are called hazard mitigation one of the things that does certainly affect the cost of flood insurance is something known as the increased cost of compliance dealing with situations where people with older homes older structures that are not in compliance with current codes have to face rebuilding and then have to

Comp you know comply with newer codes and certainly a good deal of the property in new york and new jersey probably falls into that category a lot of older property built in the rockaways and the like what is this increased cost of compliance can you tell us how that

Works and how that might affect the outcome in in the northeast sure jim increased cost of compliance is a great aspect of a flood insurance policy that most people don’t know about and i would urge anybody who has a flood insurance claim especially if it is in that highest hazard area that 100-year

Flood zone to talk to their agent about increased cost of compliance what this is is this is an additional rider on the policy and and what it does it provides an extra amount of money up to 30 thousand dollars to help that property owner achieve compliance uh for their structure and

Usually what that means is again i go back to the term substantially damaged if a structure is damaged more than 50 percent of its value it has to come in compliance with the current codes so maybe the house has to be elevated several feet or other techniques to bring it into

Compliance icc can be used towards the cost of making that structure compliant and then what happens once the structure’s compliant is that the insurance premiums are less than if it were rebuilt to the old conditions uh and that’s then uh that’s then a a lower cost of living in that structure

In the future yeah and that’s in large part because those folks now have a building that’s in better shape than relative to flood damages and what was the case earlier that’s correct what about people who don’t have flood insurances we always hear about a certain percentage of people who just

Don’t have any flood insurance what what recourse do they have and how are they handled relative to the people who do well you know in for for floodplain managers we hear a lot that flood insurance is very expensive and certainly flood insurance can be costly if if a

House is in the highest of the high hazard areas if it’s built in a way that makes it at risk for common flood events then then insurance can be expensive but being in a disaster and being hit by a flood without insurance is going to be a whole lot more expensive because the

Proposition you face there is instead of being able to file a claim where you may let’s say have a fifty or a hundred thousand dollar loss instead what you have available uh first of all uh are the disaster assistance assistance options and even though disaster assistance in this country is

Quite generous uh the maximum amount is up in over thirty thousand dollars uh the statistics tell that the average individual assistance claim is only between four and five thousand dollars and so that’s that’s a prospect that people have and then once they receive disaster assistance the only other

Options available are low interest loans through the small business administration but a low interest loan is something that has to be repaid over time so so in terms of the value proposition flood insurance is is much cheaper in the long run to maintain in case you do have that significant impact event

Yeah and in the case of disaster assistance it’s often not going to be enough to cover their losses correct correct correct there’s and there’s a pretty low limit and there’s a big misperception out there about that um i in in a lot of disaster work that i’ve

Done in the past uh unfortunately i’ve seen time and again where where those affected by the flood think that the disaster assistance is going to make them whole and disaster assistance at best gets somebody back on their feet temporarily but falls far short of making them whole whereas flood insurance comes probably

Closest to restoring somebody and making them whole okay let’s talk a minute about something called advanced flood hazard information it’s really dealing with how people find out how the base flood elevations are going to change with regard to their insurance where the new map lines are going to be

In terms of the 100 year flood plane you know fema has to issue those at some point uh tell us a little about how that’s going to work for people in in in the northeast sure um you know after some of the big previous events that we’ve had after hurricanes

Katrina after hurricane ike and and now with sandy fema produced a product called advisory-based flood elevations and these advisory basically this advisory flood information that that fema produced helped provide a guide for people that chose and wanted to rebuild and stay in that area but wanted to do so in

A more safe manner so fema is producing what they’re going to be calling advisory flood hazard information these data should be coming out very soon actually and that is the information that we would urge not only property owners but business owners as well as communities to utilize to adopt

And use that to rebuild because if if if a community or if an individual doesn’t use that data what could what could happen is that the flood elevations eventually become become higher because they use those as the new regulatory elevation and then at that point the flood insurance rates are

Going to be based on that elevation and so if you chose to rebuild and it’s lower than the new elevation that’s higher the flood insurance rates on that structure in the future could be significantly more expensive which is the source of great consternation for people and certainly was down in the

Gulf coast after katrina exactly exactly so the advisory flood elevation information is is critically important and is even more important now that congress has amended the flood insurance program and basically said there’s no more grandfathering of the old rates so when you have new flood data that’s what

We’re going to be basing the rates from okay uh well speaking of those reforms i mean there were some recent reforms this this past summer of the national flood insurance program by congress uh can you tell us a little about that the impact on rates from those new reforms

Yeah absolutely uh and and i think this is this is also a factor that people need to consider when rebuilding the the flood insurance reform act of of 2012 essentially moved a lot of the flood insurance rating to more of an actuarial basis as as most people know the program had

Been in debt to the tune of about 17 and a half billion dollars previously so there had to be a new way forward and the flood insurance rates um the flood insurance rates that that rate structure under the under the reform act moves a lot of those eliminates a lot of those

Subsidies and moves those more to actuarially sound rating so what does that mean for people well again if a structure is substantially damaged then the rates are going to move to actuarial rating and therefore if it’s rebuilt it needs to be rebuilt in compliance with the flood elevations especially the advisory flood elevations

If the structure is a repetitive loss property if it’s a business or second home or vacation home it will be moving slowly towards actuarially rating uh but the point is flood insurance rates for the next four or five years are going to be increasing significantly and so people are

Naturally going to want to know how in the heck can i reduce my flood insurance rate increase um a few of the other changes one of those i think that’s going to be helpful is that there are hazard mitigation programs as part of the flood insurance reform and those programs provide some

Assistance to do these mitigation activities and mitigation activities are things like elevating your house in place maybe relocating it out of a flood zone flood proofing a non-residential building and or or possibly just tearing a building down and making the land open space but those programs are are getting an

Additional amount of funding that i think will be important for this uh for for those affected in this event and um and will help offset the pain that the flood insurance rate increases are going to cost and of course it’s important for people to understand why

Are they doing this a large part of this is because the flood insurance program has been in the hole financially and it’s important to get the nfip on a sound financial basis and there’s no other way to do it other than pay the rates that reflect the risk

That that’s correct i mean asfpm has been on record and and will continue to work with fema and even the congress on affordability issues that go along with these rate increases because there could be there could be segments of the population low-income folks even meet middle-income folks that could have a

Real tough time paying those rates and so we need to be smart about how we address that whether it be through mitigation or some other means okay well let’s get to one final question that i’m sure is on the minds of almost anybody who owns property in these kinds

Of areas particularly in the northeast right now looking forward which is how can i reduce my flood insurance premiums what are the ways that i can do something to change that scenario sure the easiest way to do that is especially when rebuilding or with new development is doing something called freeboard and

Whether it’s the community’s regulatory flood elevation or the new advisory flood elevations that come out there’s nothing to stop a person from going even higher and the higher you go above that base elevation the lower your flood insurance rates are and so if you go two feet or

More above the base flood elevation you’re generally talking a 40 to 60 percent reduction in flood insurance premiums and so that that the incorporation of freeboard above whatever regulatory flood elevation is key in in keeping those rates low uh for so for some time in the future

And the cost of doing that to increase it by an increment uh if you’re gonna have to elevate anyways is really not that much compared to the cost the overall cost of the home and then one of the one of the other things that at the community level can be done

That’s called that’s participating in a program called the community rating system and the crs is a program where the community joins it does activities beyond the minimum required and they get credit for those activities and that credit is shows up as discounts in flood insurance premiums so for um

For the policies that are in effect in that community you can have enough points to reduce the premiums in increments of five percent you can go up to a 45 reduction in flood insurance premiums for the best class of crs communities so there’s no fee to join the crs and

Communities really should consider that if they have any amount of flood insurance policies at all great well thank you very much chad okay thank you you

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