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فيلم: ارل اندرسون، AICP، در مورد ارزش کنفرانس سیاست و حمایت APA

Title:ارل اندرسون، AICP، در مورد ارزش کنفرانس سیاست و حمایت APA ارل اندرسون، AICP، برنامه ریز ارشد در شهرستان یورک، ویرجینیا، با امیلی پاسی از APA در مورد کنفرانس سیاست و حمایت صحبت می کند ( و چگونه الهام بخش او برای دفاع از مسائل برنامه ریزی بود. او همچنین در مورد شبکه حمایت از […]

Title:ارل اندرسون، AICP، در مورد ارزش کنفرانس سیاست و حمایت APA

ارل اندرسون، AICP، برنامه ریز ارشد در شهرستان یورک، ویرجینیا، با امیلی پاسی از APA در مورد کنفرانس سیاست و حمایت صحبت می کند ( و چگونه الهام بخش او برای دفاع از مسائل برنامه ریزی بود. او همچنین در مورد شبکه حمایت از برنامه ریزان صحبت می کند ( و نکاتی را به برنامه ریزانی که در مورد شروع کار حمایتی فکر می کنند، ارائه می دهد. برای اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد خط مشی برنامه ریزی و تلاش های حمایتی APA، به این سایت مراجعه کنید

قسمتي از متن فيلم: Hi I’m Emily posi with the American Planning Association I’m sitting today here with Earl Anderson Earl is our president-elect for the Virginia chapter of the American Planning Association he’s also the senior planner in York County Virginia well thanks so much for joining me today no problem glad to join you thank you so

Today we’re gonna be talking about our fall policy conference as many folks know policy conference is something that happens annually every September and it’s an opportunity to bring planners together to the nation’s capital to talk to their elected officials about key planning issues that are most important

To them at the local level so I’ll talk to me about why the policy conference has become a normal part of your calendar year sure sure I attended the fall conference last year which was my first conference overall ever and I didn’t really have a reason to attend it prior I mean becoming

President-elect I have to take on this role and attend some of these other things and I had never really thought about attending the conference before you know I always kind of felt uncomfortable talking to you know leaders of our nation and so forth so I when I attended this conference I was a

Little hesitant but I went ahead and attended it and wow did I get so much out of it I mean it was just a great conference I enjoyed every piece of it getting the education piece and the understanding of what how things work in in that world and how you know you can

Contact your leaders and talk to them you know they’re people just like you are and they might have a little more important job possibly but you know it’s easy to talk with them and and be able to go in and represent with them so that conference really inspired me a lot to

Become a little bit better of an advocate I had always wanted to be an advocate in a way but I hadn’t really pushed through that and I think attending the conference was one of the best reasons to kind of do that and and now that I do

Feel comfortable doing it now and I’ve been and become a better advocate I think because of it one of the best ways that we always like to say at APA to shape federal policy outcomes and to actively participate in advocacy is to join a piays planners advocacy network which of course is our

Federally focused grassroots network well you are an active member of the planners advocacy network so thank you for that tell me why is it important that you are a part of that group that not only that you’re a part of it but that you actively engage in the call to

Actions that we issue to the network right because I think our our leaders want to hear from us they want to know what we what we’re thinking about what we’re what our perspectives are and I think that to do that you have to be an advocate and I think the planners

Network is a great way to do that APA provides a lot of great and easy ways for us to participate when especially when it comes to the federal level and you can filter a lot of those things down into your own state level and use those same kind of techniques

That you kind of helped us with in the network and the you know over the I guess was a couple weeks now we we had the big push out there for advocacy and I participated in that you know get the emails you kind of see those things see

What’s going on and how best to get the word out there about our CDBG and the home funds and how we’re using those kinds of things and and I think that was a great opportunity for us as planners to be able to make our voices heard and

To get out there and you guys provide a lot APA provides a lot of tools that make that very easy and I think the network is a great way to to do that and what would you say to folks who are thinking about maybe tiptoeing into the

Advocacy space for the first time what advice might you have for them I would say don’t hesitate I mean just just do it because I think the biggest thing is kind of overcoming in my case on overcoming the uncomfortableness of maybe sitting down with you know your US Senator or your representative

You know there are people just like you are and they want to know what you feel and what what what your perspectives are and I think that it’s a it’s a great way for them to hear from planners and from people like me and I I’ve expanded beyond planning and and advocated for

Other things that I thought were important and I think that being part of the planners network and being part of the Fall Conference last year and hopefully from now on being at the Fall Conference is really a big thing for me and I think you know my biggest thing to

Tell people would be don’t hesitate just do it it’s not there you’re not gonna get your head bitten off or anything like that I mean it’s you know it’s not gonna hurt hurt you at all you know you can you can advocate you can do you can get your perspective out there last

Question for you today Earl why are you a planning advocate I am a planning advocate because I want my voice to be heard I think I have a good understanding of of the world and how I would like the future to be and I have a

Child and I want the future for her to be bright and beautiful and I think my being an advocate now will help that in the future and help her to have a great future Thank You Earl for being here today no problem anytime for more information about EPA’s fall policy and advocacy

Conference and the planners advocacy Network visit planning org backslash policy

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