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تجاوز به سایت میراث قدیمی زندان مرکزی داکا…

تجاوز به سایت میراث قدیمی زندان مرکزی داکا منبع: Qazi Mowla | 1357227127| لینک منبع

تجاوز به سایت میراث قدیمی زندان مرکزی داکا...

تجاوز به سایت میراث قدیمی زندان مرکزی داکا

منبع: Qazi Mowla | 1357227127|

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  1. Qazi Mowla
    Sir, I completely agree with you.
    I felt it during the competition phase for the Central Jail project. The lack of proper understanding of the Bangladeshi architects in working historic sites is the reason behind it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t educate architects on this matter, especially jurors.
    We should extend it to an Op-ed and consider me second to you. Expecting there could be more to join.

  2. Sad state of affairs! After prolonged struggle the Chittagong Adalat Bhaban was saved but the surrounding hill slopes have been cluttered with ugly mundane buildings, in what was to be a park like open public realm with the Karnaphuli in the distant view. What a shame !

  3. Thank you, Qazi Mowla bhai for bringing in this topic to discussion. I feel your disappointment and agree with you on ‘Rape of old Dhaka Central Jail heritage site’ in every bit.

    Being myself brought up beside this great historic establishment and being a die heart patron of Architectural conservation I had high hope too. But that was brutally murdered in broad day light. As you said, golden opportunity lost to establish a canonic example of what a conservation intervention could be in a complex historical setting. Unlike many socio-economic challenges with its neighbors Bara Katra or Choto Katra, the old fort aka central jail offered a clean navigation to a wholistic. realization. There were clear expectations : preserve the flavor of historicity, build a corridor between old and new as a connector of times, engage locals to establish the sense of pride and belonging.

    I have friends and acquaintances in the surrounding neighborhoods who have been living there for ages. There are also some old Dhaka organizations working for the retention of history and culture of Dhaka. They told me that they had so much to tell about and be part of this great project. But strangely they were brutally ignored.
    How come an urban conservation project be foreseen in such context without local participation!!

    We may have the resources and tools, but surely we don’t have the sensitivity, commitment and accountability to our past. How could we talk about Bara Katra to be conserved while we are so careless about a project that offered almost no challenge but opportunity to establish a unique footprint in urban conservation!

    I am really overwhelmed with despair overs years seeing how our resources and tools had been operating.

  4. I use to live in DU campus and studied in SSMC. I had been a frequent passer by crossing this area from 1982 to 1988 and had to negotiate the traffic jam in the area. As a layperson, I believe the vacant old jail area provided an opportunity to create a traffic corridor to release some traffic problem of the area. Besides, the project would have provided much needed public open space for old Dhaka. Posting shows that the local problems are not addressed through this project. As a conscious and responsible citizen of Dhaka I protest the planners /designers attitude towards the ground realities. BTW, why the posting is terming the project “Rape” of old Central Jail?

  5. When will we understand the value of a mughal capital? This jail was the birthplace of Dhaka city. A Afghan fort was here. I think the old kernel of this should be declared as heritage series, not the particular buildings. a district of ‘Not changable area. ‘ all the Europe following such strategies. Prague of Czech Republic is the best example which ensured a very sound tourism based economy for them. It’s high time to preserve these, otherwise next generations will become historyless. A city without historical sites is just like A human who doesn’t has any memory. An ant-for whom everything is horizontal; even its climbing a tree….

  6. Why don’t heritage specialists are getting involved in the procedure?

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